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Teamwork-The Fuel For Dream Work

Team and Teamwork are words which proves the strength of a company. As said there is no ‘I’ in the team work, if we are working as team that means we all are one. But fake team bound can even destroy your work completely. Whenever it comes up to cooperate, everyone work for himself and for profiting him only.

Are you a team leader? I have a question for you, don’t worry it’s not actually for you but for your team. You need not to ask that question from your team but you have to guide your team to just ask themselves. If every team member start asking this question to himself. No doubt your team will start binding up automatically.

But Let me tell you a small story first, there is one friend of mine who is a Doctor and in charge of the Emergency Room of the Hospital. He is provided with a team of Doctors for any emergency cases. I asked him, what is a teamwork for him? The Answer he given me really changed all my perception for it. As he said, Teamwork doesn’t mean strengthening relationships when they are in between someone’s cardiac operation. It simply doesn’t matter weather team members a coordinating or not  when everyone in a room is just focused in saving a life. Nobody cares over there about their team commitment everyone remain focused in the commitment of saving the person lying before them.

In the name of teamwork, every member just ask only one question “How my members can be helped by me??” That means, anything that makes your job to do in best of your strength. May be at that time handling any tool or instrument to other members or may be listening carefully what any other Doctor needs.

Together Everyone Achieves More

The Most Successful Teams Never Needs A Leader

Yes Of course you must be thinking that without and leader who’ll give the direction of to the team. But. It’s an ultimate truth that if there is no leader or can say if everyone is leader himself then there is no need of any specific leader as everyone can directs himself and that’s the best way to achieve success. After all being individual we are just a drop and being together we are an  ocean and how can one drop can give the direction of ocean, for that whole tide is required.  As we can say-

T – Together

 E – Everyone

 A – Achieves

 M – More..

That minor things can be a lot of thing but every team member should keep on asking themselves what they are doing to help their team members.

So, hearing the story as my perception is changed about team work so I think for you. Although there is a lot of ego in team work but every member should keep their team before them. Definitely there is an “e ” in Team and that is for Everyone not for Ego.

“Talent wins the game but teamwork and intelligence wins championships” -Michael Jordan

So, keep saying your Team members to ask themselves what they are doing to help their teammates.

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