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Now as per the statistics and different strategies we have discussed in our previous articles, there are some other facts, which a CMO should consider. It is necessary to be in competition but it is not necessary to waste your time and money on developing something, which you already have.

mobile marketing strategy

Do not get yourself confused and dragged away by terms, one should understand and focus on brainstorming to merely find out the need of following the crowd.

Some of the facts about what we need are mentioned below:

# Mobile app or mobile website

If we have already designed a website which will run and appear fine in mobile devices then it is not necessary to develop another app just to show off. The other fact to be considered is that there are certain features which cannot run properly on a website and the interaction will be rich through applications.

So, decide first about what is your business about and how much are you in need of a live application.

mobile app

# Focus on activity of your customers

Use the reports and analytics system to find our how your customers operate your website. One may track the IP and find out the percentage of mobile users and desktop users. Make a proper plan before developing the application.

# Study your competitors

Give some time exploring the apps that your competitors are serving. Involve a full team in the task. This will help you get some ideas to start. Also, you will be able to find out what your competitors do not provide and which you may provide as a unique option in your future application.

study competitors

# Use proper keywords

You need to focus on proper & relevant keyword usage & strategy with mobile marketing. Include local area keywords, mobile consumers prefer to search locally. Keep keyword phrases small (less than 3).

# Use of social media

Social media will help you get the attention of audiences and will spread the news about a new application. Promote yourself useful to gain more and more subscription and app users.

# In-App advertising

To distribute your app quickly, use the social media channels or apps. Certain popular apps provide the option of in-app advertising where your application information will flash before the users.

# Real time location

Developing an application, which will update the users time to time about the offers, new features, nearby advantages based on the area, is the best to offer to your clients.

# Run multiple trials before launch

You are not the one who will be using the application. So, run certain A/B testing and find out if there is any update and changes required.


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