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Communication is the key to better marketing, and a business connected to its customer is easy to grow. If you are unable to reach your customers as a business, satisfying them is out of the question. Depending on the size of your business, the number of audiences can also change. When it comes to managing and communicating with your audiences, it does not matter if it is big or small. You need smart solutions to do that, and a toll-free number and IVR are the perfect solutions for this.

Let’s Dive into Some Basics:

Customer service; a region where every business wants to make its name. Every business wants to create the best experience possible for its customers. And to be honest, it is not that hard if you choose the right service provider. Yes, I am talking about us, Sarv Webs.

If you are confident enough that you have a great product, the only thing you are lacking is communication. Until and unless you do not communicate with your customers, telling them about your product will be pretty hard.

When you start using toll-free and IVR solutions, you reach closer to what you are trying to achieve. With toll-free numbers, you are giving your customers a chance to connect with you without spending a single penny from their pockets. When a customer sees a business with a toll-free number, the chances of them making a call to you increases.

A call with zero charges is motivational enough for a customer to connect with a business. This motivation helps you move to your next step, IVR.

IVR is a telephony menu system that you can customize as per your needs. In other words that “press 1 for this and press 2 for that” is IVR. IVR can also become your ally in department identification and call routing. This way, a customer can directly talk to the right person. This saves time for both customers and your agents.

You can use IVR to greet your customers with a personalized voice message. It can be a welcome message, your companies tagline, or an offer. When you do all these and save customer’s time and provide them the right solution, their satisfaction level increases. Now they are more loyal toward your brand.

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Why Integration?

Unity has power, and that applies to software too. As you are now aware of how both of these works, it won’t be hard for you to understand why we need to integrate them. When you integrate a toll-free number with IVR, results become more promising. Let me clear this up.

Customer Service:

If your customer service is not up to the mark, success will be really hard to get. It is one of those things that get your organization apart from your competitors. There are different methods you can use to make your customer service better, and these two are the key to creating better customer service.

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When you adopt these solutions for your business, your business creates a big brand-like presence. Not just that, audiences start to trust your brand more over others. This way, you will be able to enhance the credibility and professionalism of your brand. This eliminates the possibility of not reaching out to your customers, and that is what they will love about you.

Boost Marketing:

With these two tools, your marketing teams get a third hand in connecting with customers. All you need is an easy-to-remember phone number and a well-optimized IVR menu. As long as the number is easy to remember, potential customers will call without hesitation. This also helps your marketing team create a database that will increase your customer base in the future.

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Real-World Example:

You might have heard of Sting Energy Drink. In their recent TVC/ advertisement, they showcased a boy giving the lift to a girl after drinking the energy drink. At the end of the ad, the girl gave her number to the boy. Well, the number had all 10 digits and people just couldn’t stop themselves from calling that number. In only 48 hours the number got dialed numerous times.

So stink decided to make it a toll-free number and integrated it with a few personalized audio messages using IVR. The messages are about saving energy and ending it with their tagline. Also, they recorded the audio in a girl’s voice with some humor in it. So now Sting is using an out of the blue opportunity to market itself using a toll-free number and IVR. So what is stopping you.

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