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Toll free vs Local Number for Customer Connection

Strengthening your business means carefully analyzing and selecting the technologies. It does include innovations and solutions that ensure smooth customer service. These solutions affect how customers view your company. Emails, text messages, and voice chats are customer’s popular choices. However, calling remains the first for over 60% of customers in the business. Remember, an impeccable calling experience involves choosing the right number for your business— a toll-free or local number.

Your business will continue to grow with time, and so will the call volumes. Different phone numbers provide similar user experiences; however, each offers a diverse range of opportunities. Thus, making it the critical choice for a business. Before diving into the difference between Toll-free and local numbers, it’s better to understand what they are and how to utilize them wisely.

Toll-free Number

The name is quite explanatory as this type of phone number doesn’t charge any money from customers. They can reach them for free, and it’s not associated with any region or place. The numbers have prefixes or area codes, such as 1800, followed by a six or seven-digit number. Your business can get custom numbers that reflect your business, with letters representing the numbers customers have to punch in only. Even highly sought-after toll-free codes are available as an option with Sarv.

There are other options in toll-free numbers, like domestic toll-free and international toll-free numbers. The domestic ones allow customers to call from anywhere in a particular location for free, while the international toll-free numbers enable global customers to reach out to your business. Let’s explore about its benefits to help your business:-

Easy to Remember

Toll-free numbers are easy to remember. Customers will feel more comfortable every time they call your brand. Customers will feel more agitated if they have to search your contact information from here and there, wasting too much time. Remembering a toll-free number is like a child’s play; thus, always keeping your number at customers’ fingertips.

Enhances Customer Service

Before making any purchase, customers prefer to communicate with the business. Moreover, it’s the best way and last chance to convert the lead into a customer. It will provide your business with much-needed support and assist your customers without paying anything. The number will let your customers solve an issue after making the purchase.

Better Brand Image

A free number will allow your customers to call anything and resolve their issues. Thus, it makes your company look good. Also, toll-free numbers are recognized as business contact numbers, and any organization using them will be seen as a big-time operation.


As we already mentioned, cloud-based toll-free numbers are easy to configure and accessible by businesses of all sizes. Additionally, they cost less than traditional phone services, making it easier for every business and industry to support their customers with the best.

Local Number

Local numbers start with the area code of a particular region, city, or state. It comprises a three-digit local area code, and companies mainly acquire it to communicate with customers in a specific region. They don’t have to pay any charges for incoming calls as they are billed for outgoing calls. The simple reason for acquiring local numbers is that customers are more likely to pick up calls from local numbers than international ones. Thus, it will create a more personal touch and make the business look legitimate.

Your business can choose to have multiple local numbers and establish a presence in vast localities. Customization is difficult in local numbers, but Sarv does offer unique local vanity number service upon request. Local and toll-free numbers have their benefits and downsides, but what your business needs to consider is how you want your business to be viewed by your customers. So, here are the benefits of local numbers:-

Local Presence

The key factor or benefit local phone numbers provide is virtual local presence. It doesn’t matter where your business is located or whether you have a dedicated office in a specific area. You can reach out to customers by acquiring the local numbers. These numbers are best for businesses working in multiple locations.

Better Brand Image

Like Toll-free numbers, local numbers also create a robust brand image that benefits businesses. Sometimes a personal number may look unprofessional affecting your brand image. Additionally, when you choose a local number with Sarv, you get numerous advanced features, like IVR, auto-attendant, and voicemail.

Chance for Local Advertising

Your business can use local numbers for advertising in local areas; hence, making it easier for you to reach your leads. Also, make it simple for people to recognize your business. Advertising will ensure the vast expansion of your business and keep everything organized.


Toll-free and local numbers have pros and cons, but here, we have highlighted how it can benefit a business. They both help in growing business and direct towards a better future. But what differentiates is your business needs, customers, niche, and target. If you are looking at how a toll-free number can benefit your business then read this article for better understanding.

If you want more information and have questions for us? Feel free to reach out to us at your convenience for a conversation with our experts.

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