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Toll-Free Numbers- Make An Easy Path Of your Customers To Reach You

The race is going on, the race of success. In today’s world, everyone is running as fast as they can to chase all the possible strategies of business which can make their company stand in the highest position.

But is it good to lose the service to achieve marketing?

Any smart and experienced business person wouldn’t support you for the same.

Profit in business comes from repeat customers; customers that boast about your product and service, and that bring friends with them.

- W. Edwards Deming

As I said you, never asunder your customer service just to attain a sale. Your company is there because your customers are there. A customer is an investment meant and not a sale.

Assume you have awesome products, and you use awesome marketing strategies but what if you don’t have customers.

One of the faces of good customer service is your Toll-Free No. A TollFree can become an essential business strategy, regardless the size of your company. A Toll-Free Number is a number which can not only improve your customer service but can also lead you to increase sales.

I have 5 points to guide you why your business need a Toll-Free Number?

1. Improve Your Customer Satisfaction

The first and the most important point and reason to add toll-free numbers in your business strategy are your customer’s satisfaction.

“57% of survey respondents reporting that they prefer to dial a vanity number over a local numeric phone number: Companies can ensure consumer satisfaction for the majority of the population their advertising reaches when they feature a vanity toll-free number as the response tool in their print advertisements.” (Source)

With a toll-free number, you can improve your customer service simply by being available whenever they call. Answering the queries of your customer can help you in improving your customer service, which only a toll-free can do.  Have you ever tried to get in contact with a company and you don’t have the number? Yes, everybody has faced this situation once in his life then the only solution which comes to our mind is, Google! But what if you won’t able to find any company’s no. there as well and instead there is a landline or mobile number present.

It’s really frustrating and can leave a bitter taste of experience about the company.

2. Easy To Remember

One more benefit of having a Toll free No. is it is easy to catch and easy to remember than any other number especially if it’s a vanity number.  It’s an easier for people to remember 1-800- than to remember any other form of a number. It increases the chance of getting more calls and hence helps in generating more sales and it can be proved as a powerful and effective marketing tool for your business.

3. Brand Image

Toll-Free Numbers can also help you in creating your Brand image not only for settled businessmen but also for a novice. Nobody is going to know either you’re handling your business from the 6th floor of your company or from the basement of your house.

“As Many as 40% Cite “Research the Competition” as their First Step After Visiting an Advertiser’s Web Site: An examination of multiple industries reveals that 17 – 40% of consumers will research the competition as their first step once they move on from an advertiser’s website.” (Source)

4. Segmentation

It’s really confusing to have a lot of number in a single office. Suppose you have to call in the accounts department of a company and you called on the no. given on their website and then they guided you to dial some other no to get connected with the accounts, people. Seriously, it’s frustrating and decreases the chance of a company to remain connected with their customers.

In the other hand if you’re using a Toll-Free Number your customers have to be handy with a single easy number of yours and that no. could be attached with various of your company’s extension like accounts sales support and any other.

So with a single Toll-Free Number, you can create a huge segmentation in your company.

5. Portability

Do you want to change your location? Yes, it’s easy now you can do it without and tension of changing your contact no. or your landline no. Wherever your company will go you no more have to change your identity. Remain stuck with the same no and keep welcoming your customers

It’s a fact that more the number of  customer the more sales to achieve. So start concentrating on your customers, their ease, and their happiness, if you really want to walk a long distance.

Toll-Free Numbers are the best way to represent your brand and to get into the heart of your customers at the same time. So, go ahead! and grab your identification.

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