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When the complete customer support team is working together and utilizing the correct call center tools and best practices, the organization’s success is imminent.

Call center managers’ jobs go beyond hiring and managing a team. It’s also about looking for ways to innovate and improve processes and operations for lasting success and sustainability.

Let’s look at the most effective tools and best practices for delivering a stellar customer experience at call centers.

Call Center Management Tools

Contact centers and companies having customer relationship management at their core rely on cloud-based management tools that are easy to access and connect irrespective of time and space.

Since the remote work culture is rising, companies are leveraging their business strategy using cloud telephony, call monitoring, and analytics as tools.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM (Client Relationship Management) software centralizes all customer information. CRM software keeps track of all prior client conversations, making it easy for agents to handle queries and concerns.

From among several third-party CRM software solutions with their unique set of features, you may also pick and choose the most useful features for your company, ensuring that you focus only on your business needs and choose the CRM software that best fulfills them. 

Cloud Telephony

Unlike traditional PBX systems, cloud telephony does not require the installation of landlines or networks. Even if you have agents working remotely, they can make and receive calls on their mobiles without jeopardizing their privacy.

A robust cloud telephony system provided by SARV has a virtual number, click-to-call, call recording, and multi-level IVR as its core features, among others. Moreover, SARV also offers seamless integration with CRMs enabling companies to store all data in one place that can be accessed from anywhere at any time.


The critical importance of analytics has never been more apparent. Call-center analytics is a data-driven way to build a customer-centric ecosystem. 

Analytics enable the call centers tracking agent productivity to understand where they’re falling behind and where they’re thriving. Furthermore, analytics also facilitate measuring and analyzing the impact of decisions on-call times, conversion rates, and handling times.

Call Monitoring

Call recording automatically records and retains calls to be reviewed again at a later time. By monitoring the call center teams’ interactions with customers, managers may easily discover the issues within their teams, improve the client experience, maintain quality standards and compliance, and increase overall call center performance.

Skill-Based Routing

Customers don’t like sluggish and delayed responses. Therefore, it’s vital to connect callers with the right person who knows what they’re talking about.

Moreover, it boosts first-call resolution, resulting in more satisfied customers. Skill-based routing is beneficial since it provides the customers with the appropriate information with the least amount of effort. The advantages of skill-based routing are immeasurable for a company that deals with a wide range of products or services.

When you have selected the right tools, you will need to establish appropriate call center management practices.

Best Practices For Call Center Management

Use→Implement →Train→Automate

Use the tools to manage and support agents.

If you want to implement the most efficient software for your contact center, the best way to increase your team’s enthusiasm is to use and demonstrate its functionality.

For this, you may:

  • Analyze the data and talk to your agents about how they’re doing.
  • Examine the indicators and provide incentives for exceptional achievement.
  • Employ leaders board to promote a healthy competition
  • Use the call logs to show what works and what doesn’t.


After you have established KPIs, implement the tools that are most appropriate. For instance, if you aim to reduce agents’ idle time and enhance customer experience, you can use an automatic call distributor (ACD) to divert the calls to available agents that will also level the call spikes.

Train the agents

Any system is only as good as the people who use it. As a result, ensure that your personnel are fully trained on all tools and are familiar with all of their capabilities. Spend some time to utilize these tools by using tactics like agent-pairing/mentorship.


Automation is the next thing you will need to scale your business. To spare your agents from monotonous, repetitive tasks, use technologies like auto-dialer, click-to-call, automated call distributor, dynamic IVR, intelligent call routing, and more. Automation is the best way to increase their productivity while reducing their workload.

Final Word

People and tools are the two pillars on which the success of every call center depends. The more you invest in these, the better will be the results. Furthermore, the best practices and systems hold these pillars together and lead a business to its ultimate goals.

We at SARV offer advanced cloud telephony solutions to fit your business requirements. Contact us today for more information. 

So, are you ready to go beyond the conventional systems and embrace these innovative tools?

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