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mobile marketing trends

The total number of sms sent each month is twice the total number of active email subscribers. So, this field of mobile marketing is more sound and performing as compared to others.

  • Total percentage of mobile subscribers was 58.2% in 2012 which grew to 61.1% in 2013 and this will further grow in coming years to up-to 63.5%
  • Spam message count is around 10% as compared to ~65% in email
  • Average sms sent per month is 400-450
  • Time spent on mobile devices is around 80%, more than that spent on desktops
  • Dedicated applications for each brand which runs similarly and easily on phones is helping grow the conversion rates on mobile devices
  • Web pages browsed on smart phones is approximately 70% or above than on desktop which is comparatively low.

Growing use of mobile application is dragging the users to the growing need of security, protection, infrastructure, easy blockage etc. This will not avoid the need of innovation, as innovation is necessary to bind the running subscribers and grow the list. There are certain trends commonly practices in the industry, some of which are listed below:

Mobile applications V/S Desktop Applications

With the ratio of mobile users increasing, the requirement of developing of mobile device applications is also necessary for the survival of all business (small/medium/big). Coming years will not the marked use of smart applications through smartphones, tabs and other mobile device leading to a boom in mobile marketing.

Ease of using smart devices is another factor responsible in marked growth in mobile device use.

See the ease that you may access any information, buy anything, and pay anything while you are in your bed, in a street, in your car without keeping your desktop near.”

Security Prior to Innovation

With every new innovation grows the risk of security. It is sure that all the data will be stored within the application and the user will surely be worried about the security breach happenings.

While developing the app the team should focus on how to secure the customer data to make our customers at ease and develop a trustable environment.

Mobile Payments

Mobile payments, though was initiated by Apple, which then were followed and used worldwide by all the applications. Firstly, brining the banks to pay on your phone is a big thing and then integrating this payment system in the modern desktop and mobile application is another big achievement.

The craze of using online payments to buy anything through your phone is high in this decade. This process allows one to choose the product anywhere and pay it by the integrated online system.

Develop Smarter Apps & Think Out of the Box

Come out of your box before developing an application for your subscribers. You cannot build an application for your subscriber unless and until you know your subscribers and know all possible needs.

Run a general survey, get the feedback, be a client and find our why to use specifically your business application though there are a let present in market.

smart mobile app

Billions of devices connected by the end of 2015

Estimate is that at the end of 2015 industry will connect billions of devices. People will use the smartphones for online usage of application, sms, mms, tracking and many more and business and markets will use them for mobile marketing, thus growing their subscribers.

Online Sales

There exist a lot of e-commerce websites, which brings the store online selling all the products. What one has to do is to choose the product and pay it online. This is the best and easy method to buy anything at home and get the home delivery of purchased product.

Non-mobile business website at risk

Every business demands a 24-hour presence online. This is necessary to make your place in market and be in competition. You are running a website online which is desktop based. Is it enough? The answer is a Big No.

Nobody will or can start the desktop to find out about your business when the person is in his car, is in a restaurant etc. Build an application, which is mobile, based so that your connections may use it to know about you without any difficulty. One can view desktop-based application on mobile also but it will be distorted and will not work fine.

So, be a step ahead and provide an easy platform for your connections to watch you anywhere, anytime.

Integrate advertising into business apps

Everyone is aware of online games in the phones. We all play the games and while playing the games we can view the advertisements. These advertisements are integrated into the applications so whenever you run the application they will appear. This is one of the mobile marketing tactics used.

Another approach is to build or integrate games in your application similar to Facebook and many others. This will get you more and more subscribers just for playing but later most of them end using the services too.

Challenge to create a app which is in regular use

Develop something, which runs for a long term is a big challenge. Daily many applications are developed which many smartphone owners download but 80% of them are ignored after 2-3 days of use.

Create a team and generate ideas first, thinking you as an end-user. Develop something useful enough to be used for a regular and long time period.

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