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Now a days, marketing is changed & there is many marketing tools available for businesses, like- Social media (powerful marketing channel), Content (blog posts), SEO, PPC, email marketing, & many other channels. Most of businesses have presence on social media platforms like Google+, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Most of businesses consider that social media marketing is enough to grow online presence & leads. But it is not true, social media is just a powerful marketing channel like other channels. So, it is not a only way to spend all of your time & budget.

Today, “content is a king”, so a business blog can also play an important role in engaging potential customers and investors. Website is updated time and again in fixed time interval but one cannot fill it with all necessary information. A business blog includes industry news, informative content, product information & insights which are useful to readers & your customers.

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But there are many businesses that don’t understand the importance of blogging. Read this article to get more insight.

Stats You Should Know About Blogging

1. B2B marketers that use blog receive 67% more high quality leads than those that do not.

2. Marketers who have prioritized blogging are 13x more likely to enjoy positive ROI.

3. By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationships without talking a live person.

4. Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website which will increase company reputation.

5. Blogs have been rated as the 5th most trusted source for accurate online information.

6. 37% of marketers say blogs are the most valuable type of content marketing.

7. 75% of executives said they watch work-related videos on business-related websites at least weekly.

8. Blogs that post daily get 5 times more traffic than those that post weekly or less.

9. Longer blog posts attract more backlinks.

10.Blog post with visuals (images, screen-shots, graphs, infographics, & videos) attract more backlinks.

Why Business Need a Blog

Here are some reasons why your business need a blog.

1. Attract More Traffic

Every business owner want to get quality & relevant traffic on company website. Major search engines index new content on a regularly updated blog. Google loves fresh & relevant information. Business blogs are ideal for taking your SEO & social media strategies forward. It is very important platform which includes the different events in the company, product demo videos, services information, educational content and tutorials.

You must make a well-maintained business blog which will enable your site to get more traffic, which helps to get potential customers.

2. Blog Works For You 24/7/365

Blog never sleeps, it works for you 24/7 & able to answer customers questions. An informative blog post or your product video can educate customers at any time. Website blog is the first place where a visitor or potential customer look for help. It never sleeps, never takes vacations, & never gets sick (unlike your employees). Your blog is working for you even when you are not.

Blog posts offer great experience for customers, readers or visitors. Use your blog to serve your customers & it will help you to save time & money.

3. Attract Potential Leads

As we mentioned above, “B2B marketers that use blog receive 67% more high quality leads.” The biggest benefits of blogging is being able to attract high quality leads consistently. Keep updating your blog at regular intervals to attract high quality traffic.

Make sure that your posts can answer visitors questions. Relevant, useful & quality content attracts regular readers & potential customers.

4. Build Healthy Relationship

Businesses invested in bunch of advertising services like Google ads (which take your more time & money). But these advertising mediums generate on-way traffic. But blog offers a two way communication. Each blog post have a comment section, so customers can interact with business & its people. It builds more healthy relationship between the customer & the company.

One of the easiest ways for customers to learn more about a company is through blog. It makes companies more personal; it is easy to engage with potential customers.

5. Increase Reputation in Industry

You can contact with your blog followers directly. Blogging is very powerful tool which will help to gain the customer’s trust. Blogs are one of the most trusted source that offers a great opportunity to develop your brand value.

Offering useful, educational & quality content will put your brand into an elite category in your industry. Build communities & start discussion with your customers & prospects. Educate them how your products or services can help them. It will increase your brand awareness, conversions & sales.

6. Improve Social Media Efforts

Social media is an effective way to learn about your audience & target them. Social media allows to share content easily & quickly. It generates brand awareness. Almost all business owners today know the power of social media. They are more aware to use social media for their business.

You can share your blog posts on social media channels like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & You Tube. You can not write too many words on social media like Facebook, just write some words & give a link towards your blog post. Your customers, fans & followers will read your posts & generate more traffic on your blog.

7. Blog Increase Subscribers List

Blog is a valuable tool to increase your subscription list. When the visitors & readers see that the blog offers useful, interesting & quality content, they will want to subscribe to your blog so that they can receive updates regularly. You can send email newsletters to these subscribers regularly.

In order to gain subscriber, you should provide some educational information like ebook, guides, product demo, video etc. Place email newsletter sign-up forms on your blog or every blog posts like “enter your email for newsletter or updates.” Describe them why they should subscribe.

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Top Reasons Why Your Business Need A Blog

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