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We have already given a brief overview of IVR, how this system works and what are the associated benefits- Read previous articles. You will also get the details about cloud telephony and different industries where this service will prove advantageous.

What is IVR?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) refers to technology allowing interaction between human and computer via telephone. IVR system can read touch-tones & voice input using DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency), and provides relevant information. It is a smart technology that can handle a large volume of inbound calls.

This application is used for many purposes such as- phone surveys & polls, office call routing, Check bank account balance & transactions, call center forwarding, checking movie & venue schedule, etc.

Why to use IVR?

What do you think about IVR? Do you think it is a waste of time and money and not necessary for your business. Do you think your users will turn away if you will greet them using the pre-recorded IVR message?

All these are some common myths for the SMB person who do no believe in new technology and do not take risk by deploying new service in the existing panel. IVR will give your incoming callers an even and sweet response as compared to different emotions of a live person. Your business will be at ease with a proper identification, fragmentation, forwarding etc.

So, do not run away from IVR, try it and deploy ASAP to experience the best possible results and conversions and add some attitude to your brand.

We will now discuss some key points which one must consider while using the IVR and dig out best ROI.

reasons why you need ivr

# Easy setup

All what we need to start is an Internet connection and the browser. Record your greeting message in an attractive voice and upload in the panel. Your provider will be at your services to setup the system and in that case you only need to record the voice and your providers will manage rest.

# User friendly

Easy fragmentation is a plus point here where you may create proper branches of like sales, support, accounts etc. Ease your customers and let them divert to the concerned department in first attempt. Also, your vendors will be at your service whenever you need them, as IVR setup is a fully managed panel.

# Automated customer support

Pre-recorded voice greeting your incoming call will make your users feel the automated system. Some of the persons need not to attend all the calls and then transfer to concerned person. IVR will do this for you.

System will divert the call to the most qualified person as per the issue of the client. Be easy and fast.

# Personalized experience for customers

Record as many messages as you need and keep swapping them. This will make your customers feel fresh and unique every time they call. Also, you may records calls containing personal greetings for specific users.

# Reduce call transfer failures

Create multiple departments and divert to respected departments number. It is easy and direct call transfer process with no failure possible. Probability of call transfer is least.

# Improve your professional value

Greet your customers more professionally and improve your professional side and creating different departments will heighten your professional value among your users.

# Good service, maintain efficiency of company

IVR make sure to transfer the call to the department requested by the user. Thus avoiding confusion and thus avoid call transfer to wrong person and then loop goes. Correct transfer will maintain efficiency of your staff too.

# Cheap & Saves your time

Choose the plan best suiting your company economy and hence it becomes a plan of all SMB. This setup thus saves your time which gets wasted by unnecessary call transfers.

# High revenue

Easy setup and operation with good management will increase efficiency and hence heighten the revenue.

# Good option for multiple department

Make as many departments as you need and add it in your IVR system. It’s an easy and efficient process.

# Proper statistical report

Track all your reports easily containing the call details, calling numbers (incoming or outgoing), call duration with even the recording of calls.

# Easy call forwarding

Your IVR will forward your calls to concerned department who best fits the enquiries by the user.

# Choose your language

Records the message in any language and enter it in your setup as per the regional users your business carry. Make your customers feet at home with greetings in their own language.

# Increase customer satisfaction & loyalty

This IVR setup somehow helps build your customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Don’ts in IVR

IVR though is a useful setup but while using it and to generate more and more revenue there are certain terms to follow. This will surely prove helpful.

  • Unnecessary lengthy introduction

  • On-hold recording must be variable to rid your users from getting bored of the same message

  • Unnecessary menu options. This will confuse your listeners.

  • Keep them on hold with a patient hold message. So, try using more than 2 hold recordings

  • Annoying on-hold requests by playing a bore ringer instead of redirecting them to the correct person

  • No clear option to quit the IVR

  • Not updating the IVR recordings and using the single recording for a long time

  • Too fast or too slow recording

  • No instant call back option and no clear option to find the call back menu option

  • Options not clear or using a lot of options in menu

  • Align the options with the best one to appear first following the rest in order

  • Using long a tough words in your IVR instead of being simple and formal

  • Keeping the users on hold for longer duration

  • Support/sales etc. person not ready with all information of incoming call and thus leading to get the user start over again

  • Using a recording without brand reflection in it

IVR Uses

IVR’s are commonly used by the company call centers to handle huge bulk of calls and hence is necessary to maintain the support and sales requirement.

  • Handle a huge bulk of calls

  • Handle the calls at cheaper rates

  • Welcome the callers with always a sweet and calm voice

  • Handle the calls in on and off business hours

  • Keep your callers updated about the updates or offers (insert the message in hold music or add another option)

  • Improves sales and support services

Benefits of IVR

  • Intelligent IVR system will help your users reach to the correct agent as per their unique requirement

  • A better way to run the survey or introduce new offers and updates by adding just one option

  • Get a feedback from your user easily

  • Keep staff efficient and responsive from anywhere as they may handle the calls from landline, mobile, desktop

So, go ahead and choose a vendor who provides a fully managed system of IVR reducing your task to the least and you may enjoy the benefits.

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