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Social media is an effective way to learn about your audience & target them. It can help you to find new customers & expand your market reach. Social media allows to share content easily & quickly. It generates brand awareness.

On a personal level and commercial level it helps to build relationships, repeat business, gain existing and new customers. It has become modern marketing channel.

Do you use social media campaigns to engage with your customers?

Here, we’ll discuss 4 C’s social media marketing and tips for building and running successful social media campaigns.

4 C’s of Social Media Marketing

  • Communities

  • Conversations

  • Channels

  • Campaigns

How to Build Social Media Campaign

  • Get a Campaign Builder

  • Identify Your Campaign Idea

  • Design and Launch

  • Promote Your Campaign

  • End The Campaign

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To Get More Insight, See This Infographic Below !



  • Reply Sunday |

    Invariably, the success any social media campaign is to interact or engage with real people. For me it is a way of selling your passion to others.

    The four Cs described in this infographic should be consistently embraced for successful campaign.

    Doing socials with the right people, the right conversation and the tool will bring about the best of results!

    I left the above comment in where this post was “upvoted”./

  • Reply Ivan Bayross |

    Hi Pavan,

    I’ve constantly heard that social media is an effective platform to do a whole lot of things.
    1) Learn about your audience
    2) Engage and interact with them
    3) Add value to them
    4) Build relationships with them
    5) Convert these relationships into paying customers

    Most social media streams, like FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, G+, Pinterest and so on, do indeed have a whole lot of people engaged on them 24X7, BUT Adding value to participants of a social stream like Twitter for example is easier said than done.

    Twitter indicates that the life of a single Tweet is 3 minutes and its half-life is 7 minutes. I’ve never figured out how any Internet marketer can engage with and build a relationship with anyone, with such dismal time frames.

    Facebook advertising for instance is PUSH advertising. People are on FB not to read Ads but to engage with family and friends and stay in touch with what’s new their lives, and not read Ads. The FB Ad has also to be pretty much in your face simply because its PUSH advertising.

    Hence, while there is a whole load of Buzz going on about how to successfully run a social media campaign, I’m always puzzled about whether such a campaign will yield results or will it just be a campaign that only costs money but the returns generated are much less (or none) when compared to the costs of running the campaign.

    Loved the infographic BTW, it was structured beautifully. Thank you for sharing.

    I came to your site via a link on

    • Reply sarvblog |

      Hello Ivan Sir,
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your valuable views. I think we must design a campaign which can easily connect with target audience. If we design a good campaign and promote this, it will surely drive you money.
      Thanks, Have a nice day ahead!

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