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Another year with the pandemic, another year to work on ideas for political campaigns.

Do you know India is home to over 1.4 billion people and every quarter and approximately 25 million smartphone users are added? Reaching out to the targeted audience is vital for every political campaign. Over the last two years, modern technologies have simplified the working process and incorporated social distancing techniques to reach out to voters.

However, uncertainty prevails in the country. Political leaders are using a variety of solutions like video conferencing, audio conferencing, bulk SMS, missed call services, and voice broadcast to aware supporters and voters.

Voice Broadcasting, What is That?

In the middle of the day, you receive a call – a person starts speaking and telling you to support his/her party. A personalized message in the candidates’ voices makes people believe that they are actually interacting with them directly.

Basically, it’s an automated voice call that broadcasts the pre-recorded information to a target audience at once. In other words, the tool ensures mass communication, imparting the same information to a large target audience at a time.

Voice broadcasting has various purposes like event notification, surveys, identity recall, transactional calls, order-related calls, and more. For political parties, it carves a straight path towards success. A swift and safe solution that alters the fate of political elections, especially amidst the risk of highly contagious COVID-19.

Voice broadcast ensures effortless and hassle-free imparting of information – all you have to do is record the message and pick a list of people to call; the rest of everything, software takes care of.

Win this Election With Voice Broadcast Edition

To win the election, political parties will need extraordinary features of voice broadcasting that make them stand out.

Large Database/Import Contacts

Manage and update details of call recipients on the large database to save time. Import all the contacts at once and get them filtered by the smart system. Need not worry about duplicate and invalid numbers as the system takes care of it.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Engage your call recipients based on what they type on the keypad after hearing the first message. Political parties can use IVRs for surveys and learn the opinions of people and their interests.

Voice Caller ID

The caller ID features improve the presence and engagement rate of the business. It shows your contacts who are calling. There are unique and customizable caller ID options to utilize, like using a mobile number as a caller ID.


A predictive dialer is one of the useful features in voice broadcasting. It automatically dials the recipients’ number that you have entered in the system. With this effective system, you can share the necessary information with the target audience at a time.

Schedule Control/Campaign Automation

Campaign automation and schedule control are the two names of a feature. It gives the flexibility to schedule/send the campaign at a specific date and time. Not only date and time, but political parties can choose the duration of the call or whether to contact the same person again or not. It saves you time from constant tracking and eradicates the pressure of being available at a particular time.

Call Transfer to Live Agent

The live call transfer feature connects the call recipient with the agent available to solve the queries. Political leaders can learn more about the caller or their queries through live call transfer.

Campaign Summary & Reports

A detailed insight into your campaign will enhance the overall performance. You can track the performance in real-time and learn about engagement and disconnections with the message.

Voice Broadcasting – A tool to Help Political Parties

Voice broadcasting increases the chances of positive outcomes for political parties – acts as a stepping stone during the election. It helps reach a large audience amidst the uncertainties created by COVID-19, achieving multiple goals faster and efficiently. Moreover, it enables politicians to drive rallies attendance, donation campaigns, and more, reminding voters and supporters to head to the polls.

Sarv For Rescue

Sarv is among the leading voice broadcast service providers. Trusted by over 110,000 customers, Sarv brings advanced features like voice conferencing, call scheduling, miss call services, audio conferencing, and analytics. If you have not used voice broadcast yet, then connect with us today, and we will support you till the very end.

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