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As technology is evolving, businesses are getting new ways to connect with their customers. But whenever a customer raises a ticket for a big issue, they will always choose to call to connect over other mediums. No customer is going to SMS you or drop an email telling you that the solution has stopped working or else.

While being on email, SMS, or chat, a business has a proper record of that for future reference. Calls also have this feature now. Businesses are now able to track and record every call they get or make.

These conversations can help a business understand a lot about its customers. Besides helping your business grow, voice communication can actually help your business in many other ways. It can create a CX environment that attracts trustworthy and value-rich customers. Let’s take a look at how you can deliver better customer experiences across the customer journey.

Keep Tabs on Buyers:

Relying on your tools as data storage in your sales process is not a good practice for the long run. Sooner or later, you will see this practice reaching its limits. The reason is that it can not keep tabs on customers’ intent. A salesperson can understand these intentions over a voice call. Let me guide you on how Sarv’s voice communication can help you here.

As mentioned earlier, the voice solution keeps records of all the calls that happened. It fills the gap of incomplete information that can influence customers. Not only that, Sarv’s cloud-based voice solution tracks these voice calls with ease so that sales reps can analyze them later for improvement.

If a business already has a CRM, Sarv’s solution can sync up with the CRM using APIs. The architecture of that CRM will not be an issue here. Centralizing all these data to one solution can increase the efficiency of your team. It will also create a smooth flow of data between agents.

A Better CX Score:

If collecting all the insight is the only shining side of the coin, then you are wrong. This cloud-based solution is very capable of using this data to engage with its customers. And when integrated with CRM and other solutions, it exchanges data generated by other apps.

With our CRM and remote access solutions, the agents can gather all the information anytime and anywhere. This feature enables agents to connect with customers with all the information they need to make the conversation successful. Improved context helps agents to make their customers purchase goods and services. Not just purchasing, agents can even detect signals of churn in their customers.

Apart from manual work, let’s talk about some automation. We all know that automation can save a lot of our time. That’s why automation is an integral part of Sarv’s IVR system. Not only IVR, but automation is also integrated with almost all of our services.

When you agents are relieved of small duties that automation can handle, they can focus more on serving the customers. And when an agent is more focused on a customer, this is what we call real personalization.

Building Efficiency:

Well, combining all that data and automation, what will you get? A productive and more efficient team. But if you still stick to the old phone system, you are still losing a lot. Technically, old telephony systems do allow you to listen to old call recordings and track calls. But, that old system does not allow your agents to choose a recording they want.

While with our digital solution, agents can record calls over the cloud or locally and listen to whatever recordings they want. Another advantage is that managers do not need to report their agents manually anymore.


Growing a business can be tough. The thing that keeps you ahead of others is by adapting new solutions for your business. Solutions that are offered by Sarv have the capability to complete your team. It can provide the customer team with intelligent support with information that they want.

Using voice communication really does optimize your customer experience, and connecting it with cloud-based solutions is the cherry on top. 

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