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Securing information is always a burden for many organizations and it has become a top priority to find a service provider that can provide the best security. Customers always require security in everything. OTP is a layer of security that gives users more control over their account and profile activity.

Yes, now customers do not have to worry about any leakage, fraud, or any type of data corruption. Voice OTP service can act as an additional layer of security for your users. This service is not only fast and reliable but will also eliminate the risk of data security and phishing attacks.

Well, now let us understand what is Voice OTP Service?

Voice OTP is used for verification or to ever verify a mobile number. This confirmation is done by calling a mobile number and playing a sequence of numbers as an OTP or security number.

To verify the mobile number, the user must confirm the sequence of numbers played. Voice OTP is typically used to verify new user registrations in an application or website.

Features of Voice OTP Services

Cost-Effective: Pay for what you consume and save your resources. Our Voice OTP service will increase your growth. This is entirely cost-effective and will definitely fit in any budget.

Quik Verify: Now verify any transaction or any session quickly. Our Voice OTP call just delivers within a few seconds. Now do not wait for text messages, instead, choose the Voice OTP service for quick verification.

Operational Proficiency: Do not let your customers wait, send multiple voices OTPs parallelly with the help of Voice OTP Service. This way your customer will not have to wait.

Voice Failover: Security can be the main aspect of any service, and for this, Voice OTP has the capability and enhances 2FA security. It allows you to make calls and forward OTPs over the phone. Increasing voice delivery rates can be nearly 100 percent.

Pin Generation: Our platform generates PIN (OTP) logic that is user-specific and can only be used once. The PIN is always unique.

Global Coverage: This service delivers OTPs to over more than 800 networks with the best delivery rates and speed. So, now you do not have to worry about the distance of your customers, cover all of them with this ultimate service.

Use of Voice OTP Services in Enterprises

Authorization: Send text-to-speech, whether it’s deleting, restoring, or activating your account, use voice OTP verification to make sure your customer information remains secure. Use the premium voice OTP service now.

Authentication: Add an extra layer of security to your e-commerce website and software without increasing complexity for users. Authentication of registrations by voice call OTP verification.

Transaction Authentication: Make all transactions safe and secure. To complete the transaction securely, add additional security with OTP confirmation. Start verifying all transactions now!

Reactivation: Reactivate the client account with their confirmed consent. Use the OTP verification code to get permission.

Reset Passwords: Instead of sending links or a verification code via email, use the OTP service to verify users before resetting your password.

Why Choose Sarv Voice OTP service?

  • Instant Setup: Pay for what you consume and save your resources. Our Voice OTP service will increase your growth. Attract your customers and highlight your brand in the market with this service.
  • Robust Platform: Cloud-based, secure, and automated solution in one affordable package. Isn’t it great to have this unique feature in the service you own?
  • Affordable Plans: Flexible pricing is available, which includes on-demand and volume-based pricing for your business.
  • Integrated Services: The platform offers the most advanced complete solution for business needs. This service is completely integrated, hence you will not face any issues while using it.
  • Easy Customization: Easy to customize for all industries and business needs. You do not require any large hardware or area around to use this service.
  • Easy to Use: Use it to grow and manage your business with just a few clicks. It doesn’t require you to be so technologically savvy.
  • Multiple Operators: Equipped with multiple operators and gate infrastructure.
  • Highly Scalable: The cloud platform supports customer requirements and is scalable to larger demands.
  • Real-Time Reporting: Now you can easily monitor your logs, reports, and dashboards in real-time on both web and mobile apps. This is best for your future reference. You can view it whenever and wherever required.

Mechanism of Voice OTP

User login

Users enter account information into corporate applications/websites. The system receives the information and requires you to enter an authentic OTP code.

The system sends a password

The system handles and calls customers’ registered mobile phones. The system automatically reads the OTP code after customers pick up the phone.

Users enter a verification code and log in to the system

The user enters the OTP into the mobile application/website. If the code entered matches the system authentication number, an application will be opened that allows users to access it.

So, here you have all the basic information with the unique benefits of Voice OTP Service. This service can definitely help you make your customers happy. Enhance your business with Sarv’s Voice OTP. Want to know more? Contact us now.

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