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The main concern for every business owner is, which hosting service is right & affordable for their website. Right hosting service can increase your business performance & productivity. If you’re a small business owner and freshly entered the arena, you can opt shared hosting for your website or blog. It can handle fair traffic on your website. One server is shared between multiple users & host multiple websites with shared resources like RAM, processor, bandwidth, disk space etc.

If your website got popularity & there is a large volume of traffic on your site, then you have to upgrade your hosting. Because shared server can’t handle large traffic & you may experience downtime. Here, dedicated server will be a good option. You will get your own physical server where your website will be hosted & you have full control over the server. But it is very expensive & small companies can’t afford this.

But you don’t have to worry because there is a great option for every size of business- Virtual Private Server (VPS). It became most popular hosting service among all size of businesses. It works on same principles like dedicated server, so it is also call virtual dedicated server (VDS).

Some Key Points of VPS Hosting [CheckList]

  • It is more cost-effective service which provide features same as dedicated server.
  • In VPS, main physical server is partitioned in multiple virtual server, where each virtual server is allocated for particular website.
  • You have full root access & control over your virtual server.
  • Your site will be independent & have own dedicated IP, resources, RAM, bandwidth & disk space etc.
  • Website performance & speed will never be affected.
  • You can upgrade your resources anytime as your business grow.
  • Security is big concern. In VPS, data will be safe and you get data backup feature.
  • You can install your custom operating system, softwares and applications on the server which fit your needs.
  • You will get advanced features & technologies like Solid State Drive (SSD), ASP.NET, MSSQL database, control panels & compatibility with applications & software by Microsoft.
  • Opt VPS server according to different OS such as Linux VPS & Windows VPS.

virtual private server

How It Helps Improve Website Ranking

VPS can improve your online presence & website ranking in search engines. You can expand your market reach, get new business opportunities & drive better revenues.

Key Factors Which Matter To Get Good Ranking

1. Search engine credit more to websites which have great uptime & less downtime. Less downtime delivers good experience to visitors. VPS offer great uptime (99.9%).

2. Speed is a key factor to get good ranking in search engine. VPS (SSD) offer good website loading speed.

3. You will get excellent security & there is no chance to get hacked. Data will be safe on this server.

Types of VPS Server

  • 1. Unmanaged VPS
  • 2. Managed VPS

    Unmanaged VPS

    • Complete self management of server requires good technical knowledge
    • Cost is less because user is responsible for server maintenance & applications installation.
    • Total administrative access with full data security.
    • It is very scalable & flexible. You can upgrade your service as per your needs.
    • It may sometimes take a lot of time to install & configure the applications.

    Managed VPS

    • Web host will take care of your server to arrange support in maintenance of server, installation & configuration of applications that your website needs.
    • Cost is more than unmanaged server.
    • Performance is very fast.
    • Monitoring system to keep you update about security risks.
    • It is also flexible, you may upgrade your resources according your website needs.
    • Website owner has less control over server.
    • You will get 24/7/365 support from hosting provider in case of any disaster.

    It is your choice to opt out between unmanaged & managed VPS. As mentioned above, if you are technically good with server, you can opt unmanaged service. But if you are not technically sound & want to save your time, you can easily adopt managed VPS server.

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