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Call Centers work on multiple campaigns including lead generation, calls, inbound leads and follow-up calls. But merely working on campaigns is not enough if you do not utilize or benefit technology in enhancing the operational efficiency of the campaigns.

Agents manually dialing customer numbers tend to waste most of their time. Taking advantage of AUTO-DIALER is a great solution to it.

Let’s see how an auto-dialer can benefit your business!!

Automation in call centers is a great software that helps service agents by motivating them to focus solely on their customers.

Good customer service is now essential for long-term relationship building, as is consistent communication and follow-up. Auto-dialers can help you achieve your goals, regardless of your organization’s size, the type of audience you are targeting, or the type of calls you are making.

In this article, we will look at the different types of auto-dialers along with some factors. By this, it will be easier for you to identify which auto-dialer is best for you.

The Types of Auto Dialers

● Preview Dialer

Preview dialers work in a similar way to a phone book. The agent is presented with a list of potential customers who can review their information and history before calling their number. 

It gives the agent a preview of the prospect/information they can prepare, but it doesn’t waste time dialing the number.

● Power Dialer

After an agent has finished their call, power dialers dial the next number in a sequence. The agent must indicate that they are available in this case, and the dialer will place the call automatically.

A power dialer saves time for experienced agents by reducing manual tasks, reducing downtime, and increasing productivity.

● Predictive Dialer

The predictive dialer makes several outbound calls at the same time. When a prospect or customer answers the phone, the call is transferred to the next available agent.

The most significant difference between a predictive dialer and a traditional dialer is that a predictive dialer considers multiple variables while predicting when the next agent will be available.

Predictive dialers dial as many customers as possible at once and connect the agents with the customer who answered the call. 

Benefits of An Auto Dialer

● Real-Time Monitoring And Reporting

Real-time dashboards help call center managers make better decisions and assist agents in taking quick actions to improve by identifying problems in real-time.

Auto Dialer software also provides managers with quick access to call recordings, tracking agents’ performance, and ensuring call quality. Key call center metrics can be easily tracked and measured regularly to improve operational efficiency.

● Improves Organizational Efficiency

Auto dialers can detect busy signals, voicemails, and non-serviceable numbers in an efficient manner. Not only this, its dialing process ensures that only connected calls are routed to agents, dramatically increasing the call connect ratio.

Higher agent productivity and operational efficiency result from more connected calls.

● Lead Conversion

Who doesn’t love more leads and more conversions? Let Auto Dialers simplify the process for you!!

Auto dialers, such as preview dialers, allow agents to prepare before a call is connected by providing a quick snapshot of the customer’s contact information before dialing the number.

Preliminary information at the agent’s disposal can lead to a more personalized conversation, which helps engage the prospect and significantly increases lead conversion chances.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Auto-Dialer That Fits Your Needs?

● Size of Organization

A predictive dialer might be better for improving agent productivity if you are a large company that makes many calls per day.

On the other hand, a preview dialer will suffice if a small business makes only a few calls.

● Audience

When you have a long-term relationship with a customer, it is critical to have all of your information on hand before calling. In these situations, a preview dialer is the best option.

On the other hand, predictive dialers may be more effective for homogeneous customer groups where your agents repeat the same message.

● Business Goals

A preview dialer may be the best option to provide a personalized customer experience. A predictive dialer is better if agent productivity is your top priority and can benefit your business a lot. Power dialers are preferable if you require agent availability flexibility.

Auto-dialers can help you achieve your goals, regardless of your organization’s size, the type of audience you are targeting, or the type of calls you are making.

Let’s Wrap Up….

Today customers are becoming more demanding than they were ever before. They want proactive customer service assistance and benefits from the product or service.

Outbound call centers that need to handle a high volume of customer calls can benefit from auto dialer software. It not only improves operational efficiencies but also helps clients receive personalized communication. 

Many of Sarv’s contact center clients are already taking huge advantage of auto-dialer software, why are you still thinking about it? We offer the most reliable and customized cloud telephony solutions. Contact our team of experts now and book your free consultation call. 

Whether you need to run a marketing campaign or improve your lead conversion ratio, auto dialer software can help your company succeed.

Enhance your business efficiency with Sarv’s Auto Dialer software and let your business thrive at heights!!

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