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How do you prefer your work? Allocated or dispersed? How would it feel to shift from one place to another for every single piece of information? Imagine an accountant has to visit a place, then record transactions, visit the place, then record transactions – it will become a non-stop process that continues till you have all records.

Customers expect a seamless experience when communicating with executives. To stay ahead of the competition, your organization must ensure the service of instant messaging, phone, and email service.

According to Aberdeen Group, the company, on an average, loses about 25% of its customers due to poor customer service. Remove the loss with an efficient CRM phone system, and retain around 89% of customers.

So, what is customer relationship management (CRM)? How can it support businesses, plus how is integration important?

What is CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a software and cloud application that provides end-to-end support with the information collected and stored. Applications like the marketing cloud, sales cloud, and service cloud ensure maintaining a healthy relationship between company and customer.

CRM software provides employees access to account information and history in order to give real-time and personalized customer services across all channels. It is a centralized platform for the sales team and sales representatives as it allows them to prioritize their activities by spending the time required for customers.

This way, the sales team can close deals and keep loyal customers for a long time.

How does CRM Support Businesses?

Customers are the lifeblood of every business, and a healthy relationship with them determines an organization’s success. Data is what ‘collected’ in CRM – the thought of losing it is nerve-wracking. CRM is a golden buzzer that can support your business in many ways.

Improves Bottom Line

Businesses with CRM can generate and convert genuine leads, improving the bottom line directly. It will increase -

  • Lead conversion by up to or more than 30%
  • Sales by up to or more than 30%
  • Sales productivity by up to or more than 30%
  • Customer satisfaction by up to or more than 35%
  • Faster decision-making by up to or more than 38%
  • Revenue by up to or more than 25%

Recognize & Categorize Leads

CRM will help your organization recognize and bring new leads easily. Also, quickly categorizing the leads will help the sales team prioritize the opportunities and close the deals. Sales and marketing with centralized information can target their energy to the right clients.

Give Better Customer Support

Agents can provide high-quality service to customers, including fast, personalized, and anytime support. Detailed information and data will be available in front of the agent, improving the customer’s experience.

Enhances Product & Services

Scattered information will be allocated with the help of CRM, serving business and supporting to expand. It will give business insights into how the customer feels, which will help in providing new solutions.

Why is CRM Integration Important?

Cloud telephony offers flexibility at work, and the integration of CRM allows employees to increase their productivity. The probability of data loss decreases even with unlimited contacts. Also, the end-to-end CRM features improve the different aspects of business operations. This is what you get when cloud telephony integrated with CRM -

  • Call Forwarding & Recording
  • Multi-level IVR
  • Concurrent Calls
  • Sticky Agents
  • Outbound Dialer, etc.

How CRM Benefits in Cloud Contact Centers?

CRM system integration can save your business time, money, and effort. It can perform various tasks depending on business needs, like a platform for live chat. Connecting with customers is essential as it removes the hassle of juggling between the phone system and CRM. Let’s go through the benefits of CRM in cloud contact centers.

  • Management of Contact Data
  • Improved Tracking System
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Personalized Customer Experience
  • Detailed Call Analytics
  • Assign Virtual Numbers
  • Create Brand Image
  • Single-click CRM Shifting
  • Data Security

That’s A Wrap

Now it’s clear! Successful sales need a powerful CRM system in strengthening business relationships with customers. It’s a backbone of business operations, which companies heavily rely on, especially for retaining customers and driving sales growth. Unification of CRM with cloud telephony solutions forges a powerful partnership for quicker, smarter, and more effective sales plus marketing.

If looking to incorporate your CRM with a cloud telephony solution? We’ve got a solution that best suits your business needs, globally and locally. Take advantage of time and communicate with us to understand how integrating CRM with Sarv’s cloud telephony can enhance sales and marketing performance.

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