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If we go back to 2007, there were a lot of things that you had to do manually. As a software engineer, you were a good time ahead. You were building the app ecosystem, social media was rising. Then someone thought of integrating several programs together on a single platform under an ecosystem that can manage those programs. This is how automation was introduced to our world.

With the help of the internet, the automation came into the digital world. If you are in the customer relationship department then marketing automation is what that can help you a lot in effectively communicating with your customers or client. Not just it helps in scheduling tasks but it can also be your virtual assistant. Whenever customers need helps or else it can prepare a well effective strategy for them on behalf of you.

What is Marketing Automation?

It can be described as software that helps you by taking over the repetitive tasks. Not just it, it helps you with the branding and selling of your product. By keeping you always stay connected with your customers, it increases customer loyalty. Not just that, it helps you save a lot of time and energy by putting the right effort, at the right time, on the right person.

This way of putting your effort and energy results in richer and more profitable relationships with your customers. According to a report in 2018, 80% of users prefer brands that give customized experience.

Going a step deep into it, you will find your right partner you were looking for and that is email marketing automation.

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What is Email Marketing Automation?

Have you heard that by using Email Automation Software you can increase your sales productivity by 14.5%? Well, no worries if you were not aware of that, this is why we are here. Email marketing automation tools are helpful as it reduces the time spent on repetitive and small tasks. It takes care of things like preparing the email lists, sending generic messages, and scheduling meetings with clients or customers manually.

As these repetitive tasks are eliminated from the list of your marketers and agents, now they can focus more on big deals and projects to create more revenue. So bigger the deal, bigger the income, in less time and less effort. So you can say it is a win-win for both the team, customers are getting what they ask for and you are getting their long-lasting loyalty and trust on your brands. So what this software brings you?

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Welcome New Customers

If you once look at yourself as a customer, you will find out that when you visit a website, you usually are there just to check the product. Not every time you visit a product’s or service’s page you are not there to buy it. That same goes for your customers. 96 percent of the time users are not there to buy your product or service but one thing for sure that they are interested in your service.

This is where Email Marketing Automation can help you a lot. It is like saying ‘Hello’ to a stranger in an interactive and engaging way. So get them to subscribe to your email listing. Once they are into it start the conversation with your email marketing automation tools. Welcome them, give them offers’ updates, thank them and more. Just make them feel that they are important to you.

Engage them With Your Knowledge

Engaging your customer is one best thing the Email marketing automation tool helps you with. Whether a startup or a settled business you can always take help from your blogs to engage with your customers. Make sure of one thing that these blogs are updated and relevant to your customer’s interest.

For example, if you are a fashion store then you can engage with your customer with a blog post about new trends of the season. Now in the blog, link them with your product’s pages. This way you can indirectly lure them to your products. The same goes for Newsletters.

Another thing to mention before you start this practice, you must schedule these blogs once a week or more and those newsletters once a month only. Sending more frequent emails might irritate your customers and there are chances that you will lose them forever.

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Customized Emails

People when they receive some personal messages and this can be done with email marketing automation software. With your user’s data, the automation system knows if it is someone’s birthday or anniversary. Getting a personalized message like this increases your customer’s loyalty toward your brand.

So if possible, try to fetch data like date of birth or anniversary date if possible. As you get this go to your Marketing tool and feed this data to it. Now check for the section that generates customized and scheduled emails. Now create a beautiful one-time email template that will be sent with dynamic data on a customer’s birthday or anniversary. So even if they forgot about anniversary, you are the one who will always remember it. This might save some husbands from their wives.

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Ready For All Devices

These tools have some fixed present email templates and some customizable email templates. So if you are a new startup and initially don’t want to invest in a designer you can opt for preset email templates.

That will save you time and cost but not just it, these templates are mobile responsive also. So no matter what device your users are using, it can be a phone, a tablet, a desktop, they will always get you emails fully functioning and without losing any single element of it. So this way you are never limited by the screen size your users are using.

As a final thought, you can say Email Marketing Automation is one badass tool that you can use by integrating your business with your email marketing automation tools. Also, a better thing is that you don’t need to set up most of the things, just take the subscription of the tool that fits your needs and you are set to go. Now the only thing left is to feed this tool with users’ data.

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