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What is GPS?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System, which is satellite based navigation system. GPS can track any object on or near the earth & provides exact location & time information. It was developed for U.S. military use in 1973 but now everyone use this navigation system.

GPS tracking device provides:-

  • Position or Location of vehicle & other asset.

  • Velocity of vehicle or asset

  • Real Time tracking

How it Works?

There are about 30 satellites which are revolving round the earth in its own orbit. Each satellite contains a clock & sends radio signals. These signals travel at the speed of light,will be received by the GPS tracking device. This process will be completed within a fraction of second. We will calculate current location, direction & speed.

Types of Tracking System

1. Real time tracking system will collect the data of vehicle & send it immediately to the servers. This is ideal for cases when you need instant vehicle activities.

2. Passive tracking system collect the information or data of vehicle & store in memory. The information is downloaded into servers for processing.

Why use GPS tracking device

1. Track your vehicle location anytime

2. Track number of trips

3. Track speed of vehicle

4. Increase driver productivity

5. Less headache for businessmen

6. Track the vehicle when it is theft

Features of Sarv’s GPS tracking software

1. Live Report- Provide live report to view the exact location of particular vehicle.

2. History Report- Gives the exact information of vehicle for certain period of time.

3. Summary Report- provide summary report of vehicle’s current position, speed, fuel status etc.

4. Text Alerts- Alerts of over speed, daily report, power, insurance date of vehicle.

5. Mobile Apps- GPS insight mobile app, google map for mobile, SMS massaging.

To know more about GPS, Visit Here-

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