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interactive voice broadcast

A most important concern for every business – Lead Generation. In order for a business to grow and generate sales, you have to have qualified leads.

The biggest challenge for B2B marketers is “generating high-quality leads (61%).” (Source: B2B Technology Marketing Community).

As we wrote in one of our previous blog posts, “Every business needs to generate leads consistently because it’s the like blood for business (like blood flow consistently in the human body). For this, we use different marketing channels and invest our resources – money and human power, in marketing strategies. It’s very critical to find the right lead generation tactics because one wrong step can waste your resources which is not good for business.” – How to Generate Leads With Minimum Investment?

A next-generation voice broadcasting service – Interactive Voice Broadcast, can be very helpful for your business in order to generate potential leads. If you want your message heard to thousands of targeted audience at a time, it is for you.

Study shows, Voice broadcasting campaign is more effective than direct mail campaigns.

Interactive voice broadcast is cost-effective, powerful, easy to use and intelligent technology. Simply record your voice message, upload your contact list and the system will send your message. Voice broadcast prompts people to press #1 (Call to Action) to show their interest and speak with a live agent. When your prospect press key “1”, the call will be disconnected and your sales team got a lead, now a sales representative will call this prospect. That’s why it is also called “Press Key 1 Service.” This tactic allows you to speak to your prospect when they are most interested.

Interactive Voice Broadcasting gives an opportunity to create a next-generation Call CenterInteractive Call Center.

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What is Interactive Voice Broadcast?

Interactive Voice Broadcasting” or “Press Key 1″ service gives an opportunity to create a next generation Call Center − more precisely Interac…

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