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Tollfree-BlogToday, it is not enough to have a competitive product. Businesses need to extend this to their customer service. From the many choices, customers often choose vendors or service partners who offer a fast and enhanced customer experience. Indeed, providing a great customer experience is becoming a differentiating factor.

Thanks to the technological development of communication, companies have moved from traditional telephone numbers to toll-free numbers. Toll-free numbers improve the customer experience in many ways. Before we delve into these many ways, let’s define what a toll free number is?

At the toll-free number, which starts at 1800, customers call the company for free. The cost of a free call is borne by the company or caller who is the free subscriber, not the caller (customers).

Businesses that use a toll free number fully understand that it is an incomparable tool for providing an enhanced customer experience. In recent years, getting a toll-free number has become mandatory to make businesses more customer-friendly and innovative. It does more than the company thinks it can – even increase sales and revenue.

Why a toll free number is essential as a business number, regardless of your size.

Enter customer trust

Today’s businesses are less dependent on a physical address in the city’s most elite work complexes and often operate remotely from different cities and locations. But do they want their customers to be aware of this? By extending the toll-free number to potential customers and clients, companies have the right to maintain a reliable and trustworthy image in the minds of their customers and target audience. Having a toll free number makes companies professional and reliable. Because of their ease of use and implementation, any business can increase its credibility almost immediately.

Increase customer experience and satisfaction

One of the main reasons why companies initially introduced a toll-free number for businesses was to improve the customer experience and satisfaction. The toll-free number makes it easy for customers to reach businesses and not have to worry about incurring costs, even though they may already be in trouble and have complaints about that business. Companies that provide customers with a toll-free number to respond to inquiries further create the concept that they care about customers and their complaints. With a toll-free number, customers can reach businesses at any time without having to bother finding a business. Thanks to the fact that customers can easily reach companies, customer satisfaction and retention automatically increases.

Connect your brand image

In today’s post-pandemic world, modern businesses can work remotely, but they cannot afford the image of customer service in their various locations. One of the additional features of a toll free number is that the corporate customer support team can work anywhere by forwarding calls to their numbers. No matter where the customer support team works or what device / phone number they use, a toll-free number can help businesses in times of uncertainty, such as the current one, help maintain the trust of their customers without having to hire their own customer support team. office space. Companies can support not only their customers but also their employees with a toll-free number.

Campaign marketing tool

A toll free number can exceed your intended use and can also act as a marketing tool. Companies advertise their products through a variety of channels and media – from magazine and billboard print campaigns, social media to search campaigns. Toll free numbers allow companies to get channel extensions that allow them to track their efforts with marketing campaigns. Through detailed call recording and call analysis, companies understand which marketing channels work best for them. Even small businesses and start-ups can calculate the return on investment of marketing campaigns without investing. For other marketing activities, such as conducting surveys, surveys, launching new products, and getting instant customer feedback, businesses of all sizes can use a toll-free number.

Take advantage of new business opportunities

The toll-free number gives businesses more reach, without being limited to the city. Businesses get sales leads and prospects from different places and increase revenue by ensuring that their services / products are not related to their physical address. In today’s globalized world, toll-free numbers allow businesses to reach sales leads they previously could not. Since a sales lead does not cost, they are more likely to call the company about the service / product.

Regardless of type, size or industry, the introduction of toll-free numbers will be of immense benefit to all businesses. It is well established that good customer service and support of the sales team are crucial for the success of a company today.

Even before the advent of the Internet and the web, a toll-free number could do more than connect with current and future customers. From modern industries such as e-commerce, software companies to traditional industries such as BFSI, healthcare, retail, the value of having a toll free number is incomparable. Simply put, a company can truly survive and thrive, assuring the customer that there is someone at the other end of the conversation who is confident that your complaints will be resolved and inquiries resolved.

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