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10 Hot Tools To Get 10-10 In Your Business

Before going through the article please answer your self these 5 questions

  •  Are you thinking of getting your new business?
  • Have you just launched your business?
  • It’s been years but yet you are not satisfied with your growth statistics?
  • Are you struggling hard to make your Business a Brand?
  • You are all successful and want to maintain the same certainty for ever?

If your answer to any of the 5 questions is “Yes”, then this piece of can be useful for you and your business.

Being an entrepreneur can let you feel compelling and isolating, especially if you’re a beginner. But thanks to the almighty internet, which’ll not let you go all alone. There are a ton of free online tools that will help you walking in the way to grow your business, if you’re not sure that which tool would work best for you then you can also make a trial of these online tools.

The 10 free tools or free-trial tools which stands in top of my list and to make your business grow day to day a whole lot easier.


1. Google My Business

The first step to grow your business is to grow your customers. After all they are the one who gives reason for your business.The world’s most liked and used search engine can provide your businesses a free tool to help you get connected with your customers.

Google My Business is a tool offered by Google to post hours, your location, and pricing information, you can share pictures and even a virtual tour and all of it will then appears up for your audience whenever they’ll search you on Google.

Advantage: Having a more perfect and complete Google My Business account can also make your website’s overall SEO ranking.

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2. Yellow pages

Getting known by your customers or getting found by them is the real challenge for any business. Believe me and the YellowPages app are the best  free way to help your audience to find you online, as well as it can help you to  invite your audience and also to respond to reviews about your services and products.

3. Yelp

Maybe you’re not on yelp but it might be your discussion can be there. Your customers might be talking about you there. You can claim your free business profile to post pictures and business updates, check out what customers are saying and think about you, you can join the conversation where your company is getting appreciated and can respond politely to your critics.


4. Google Analytics

It’s always necessary to keep an eye on your customers to check it out how well your marketing efforts are getting succeeded and are you really converting leads. The first thing you need to know is how and from where your audience are checking your website.

Google provided an amazing free analytics tools that will help small you to determine what is actually working in your marketing strategy and how your web traffic is going on.

5. Hubspot Marketing Grader

Do you ever wonder all of your precious time, energy, and money you invested into your latest marketing strategy and your business online is even working for you? Not sure??

Go for Hubspot’s free marketing grader tool to check out how well your blog, social media, and other digital marketing are going through, and see where you stand up to the competition.

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6. WordPress

Are you still stuck to the thought that the blog management is absolutely free? Yes you are right!! Sign up on WordPress through you web hosting account and you are to the way to create and manage a beautiful and essential blogs for your business. the benefits of WordPress for digital marketing really never end.

7. Coschedule

If you’re running a businesses with a heavy blog need and multiple members writing, editing, and publishing their content, then this WordPress add-on is awesome like anything. It’ll notify writers of upcoming posts, and collaborate in the writing, editing, and even provide social sharing, and all of these from a single platform.

It’s Free for first 14 days. And if you’re more into blogging, believe me 14 days will be more that enough for you to get addicted of it.

Business Development


Searching for information about growing your business plans can result in a lot of confusing information. For the perfect business education and suggestions without any agenda, go for the U.S. Small Business Administration’s website— Here you can find all about writing business plans, tips for entrepreneurs, and information about how to finance your business.

9. Local Small Business Development Center

Small business development centers sponsored by the SBA, throughout the United States have assisted thousands of businessman launch successfully and make their businesses successful by providing free business education, consultation, and services. You can find your local center and can call to request support from an SBDC advisor for you.

10. Score

For over 50 years, this non-profit business association has educated and guided opportunities to help small business owners to achieve their business growth goals. provides free online learning facilities as well as confidential in person mentoring opportunity throughout the country from volunteer businessmen with years of business experience.

These were some of the tools which can help you in growing your business. And mind it, these were really some of them a lot are pending which can make you a successful business man. All you have to do is to find your right way and right tool to get into your right track.

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