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15 Solid Reasons Why One Should Never Blow Off Text Marketing

SMS Marketing or Text Marketing is a new spark in the bucket of Digital Marketing. Since many years this bucket was filled up with Email Marketing. I am not saying that Email Marketing is completely out of the market or it has become the younger citizen of the Digital Marketing Family.

There is no doubt in that Email Marketing is still the most businessy way and Professional technique to contact your customer.

But think about yourself, your era, and the sound of tic- tac which comes from your phone and about your hand which is now habitual of checking your phone after that tic-tac.

Being a customer I would love to receive my favorite brand’s messages through text. And being a marketer I would love to stay safe from the problem of “is my subject line attractive enough to get my email opened?”

Hence it can be said that Text Marketing is an easy approach for both the customers and the marketers.

It’s obvious that being a marketer you can’t blow off any of the marketing approaches but if you are in the category of those marketers, who lives, drinks, even breathe for Email Marketing, then it’s the time to change your mentality and spread your hands for Text Marketing as well.

This is not only because of my words but because of what the statistics speak for Text Marketing.

Trust me, we have walked very far from the era where we used to compare the “Email V/S SMS”, and why only Email and SMS  for every other marketing strategy that still exists in this world. Go and grab the strategy according to your objective and your business, depending all alone in Email Marketing will never prove you as a great and successful marketer.

Here Are 15 reasons for you to discover “Why Text If I have already mailed?”. Check out and analyse your own reason for not blowing off the text Marketing from your business strategy…

15 Solid Reasons Why One Should Never Blow Off Text Marketing

Content Marketer and Blogger Published on Here you’ll find 15 amazing facts about text/sms marketing. To know more about Text marketing, visit – 1. 15 Solid Reasons Why One Should Never Blow Off Text Marketing!! 2. Did you know?? the average person receives 1,216 emails per month?

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