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For many organizations, contact centers act as their ultimate contact points. Today, customers can use different ways to communicate with brands for a variety of reasons. But even today, many customers use the phone to solve business problems. However, handling customer inquiries over the phone involves other problems and costs. Fortunately, automated outbound call center software and automated outbound call services help reduce the effort required to set up and manage telephone support. This raises the question of what an outbound call center is and how it benefits businesses and customers. Here is a comprehensive overview of outgoing call centers. Read More


Communication has undoubtedly changed in the past few years making it easy for brands to connect with their customers and employees. Web-based communication technology like Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP has advanced drastically making it seamless for business communication.

VoIP phone systems offer various advantages for businesses and one of them is the capability of call recording. You do not have to worry about the physical storage media to record calls. With the feature, you can easily track the performance of your agents and marketing campaigns. Read More


How do you engage with customers? What are your SMS marketing strategies to generate leads?

No wonder these questions are the center of mobile marketing. And did you know SMS marketing is one of the most powerful advertising strategies practiced to date? SMS messages/texts have proven a 98% open rate, and around 75% of customers are interested in receiving special offers through it.

This is no joke as SMS marketing has demonstrated a 209% higher response rate than Facebook, email, and phone calls. It is an influential marketing technique; however, marketers struggle to find the starting line. Read More


During the past few years, the education system has been highly affected and forced to adjust to the changes. To keep up with the things and empower students with education, institutions have used technology to the best of their powers. Classroom teaching is changing these days, and students are becoming more tech-savvy.

To meet the changing demands of the education system, unified cloud-communication platform pops as the best solution. 

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