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Cloud Telephony is future of telephony services, Ordinary telephone (Landline, Mobile & PBX) is not fulfilling need to business. Telephony is experiencing variation everyday  & in today’s world, cloud telephony is the term often used in corporate world. It is multi-tenant structure where multiple users simultaneously share the resources.

Cloud telephony delivers web based or automated telephone applications. It is an innovative & latest phone solution thus reducing your business expenses. Cloud telephony refers to a online communication system and this requires to setup own data-center to give it a regular monitoring and carve out the best results and services. All the applications which are cloud based are hosted on Internet. Cloud telephony checklist is mentioned below:

  • Data-center hosted services
  • Applications & services are hosted on servers & can be accessed from “Cloud”.
  • More cost-effective, reliable, secure system without burden & management of PBX system deployment.
  • Cloud based services are most cost-effective than software based services with better performance and high uptime.

cloud telephony

Advantages of cloud telephony services

  • Low cost than VoIP
  • Low maintenance
  • Simple & flexible
  • Easily accessed anytime anywhere
  • Fully managed service
  • High capacity & functionality
  • Easy Implementation
  • Build business reputation
  • Minimum downtime
  • Latest & most reliable technology
  • Quick, automated & easy to use
  • Reduced manpower.

Cloud telephony risks

  • Data security is main issue for every business owner. So, Cloud system depends on physical server location.

Cloud telephony products

  • Hosted IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Voice Broadcasting
  • Call Tracking Software
  • Private Branch
  • IP-PBX (Private Branch Exchange)

5 Essential characteristics of cloud telephony

  • On-demand self service- Cloud telephony is an on-demand service. Customers get the required resources without human interaction. It will improve customer experience.
  • Broad network access- No limitation on access. Customers or users can access it from anywhere around the globe anytime. Easy integration in system.
  • Resource pooling- Multi-tenant model with physical & virtual resource which can be dynamically assigned as per the end user need.
  • Rapid elasticity- Flexible & automatic assignment which make the service rapid. If capacity is high, then purchasing will be easy & more often. High performance even in peak time.
  • Measured service- The resources can be measured and optimized automatically. Usage can be monitored, controlled and reported with proper stats (number of calls etc.). This system thus develops transparency for both consumer and provider.

Why one should use cloud telephony?

  • Avoid hassles- Managing & maintaining a cloud system need experience & expertise. So, providers these days offer fully managed services. Support team will take care of your system if there are any problems or issues.
  • Very easily scalable- You just focus to grow your business; no need to worry about the backend system as it will be done by vendor. Resource scaling will be done as per the end-user need. SIMPLY ASK FOR IT!!!!
  • High reliability- Cloud system requires a data center to run servers. Having company’s self data center heightens security, low downtime, quick solution to any temporary issue.
  • Complete control over system- Cloud telephony allows you to change the configuration straight through your browser without waiting for a long time. You may even ask your vendor or get guidance to make certain changes almost instantly.
  • CRM integration- The system has more broad usage. Integrate it with your software to get the complete details of incoming & outgoing calls, listen to the conversation too.
  • No dedicated tech team required- Control your system yourself solely. Easy management from your online browser control panel. You don’t need a dedicated tech team.
  • Get actionable insights- Cloud telephony offers you full calling statistics for tracking. It will help you to improve your customer experience.
  • Don’t be chained to your desk- Access your system from anywhere around world. Don’t be chained to your desk. Cloud telephony system being mobile.


  • Reply Ashutosh Niranjan |

    by the cloud telephony system you can handle more calls very easily, also u can transfer your calls in different departments without changing your number. To have the innovative phone solutions get the best Cloud Telephony Services.

  • Reply Diwakar |

    Cloud business phone system allows you to serve the clients at multiple locations from a single phone system. This feature is immensely useful to small and medium businesses alike. Earlier, businesses with worldwide operations were required to maintain multiple phone systems.

  • Reply venkateswar |

    Thanks to everyone, I am really happy to get this important information. You have the best site and you posting nice posts and useful to all very impressive articles are good. Thanks for sharing this post

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