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Missed call alert is web based application to engage with customers. It is very effective for lead generation where you will never miss a call or query from your clients. Missed call alert service is used for opt-in process, verification, polling, voting, customer feedback, lead generation & call back services. Caller do not pay any calling fee.

How it Works?

  • In this service, you will get a dedicated number. Working process is mentioned below. Caller given call on your mobile number
  • An auto confirmation SMS is send to the caller thanking him for calling and informing him that his number has been registered.
  • Caller’s number is stored in database.
  • And one executive will call him back soon to understand his requirements / Concerns.

Missed Call Alert Service- Features

  • It is a hassle free way. Clients just dial a number that cuts automatically.
  • It is very cost effective mode. Zero cost for the callers.
  • It is very flexible to use mobile & landline phones.
  • Real time notification via SMS & emails.
  • Easily integrated with SMS, IVR & Emails.

missed call alert service

Where to Use

  • Lead generation for business
  • User registration
  • Mobile number verification
  • In TV shows & TV ads
  • Voting, opinion polls & customer feedback
  • Off-line & on-line registration
  • Forget & reset the password
  • Branding & awareness
  • Alerts, follow-ups & subscription

Where Can Promote Missed Call Number

  • Websites and on-line ads
  • Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ etc.
  • SMS and email campaigns
  • TV & radio ads
  • Print media, banner & hoardings

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