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Missed Call Service-Don't Let Your Leads Slip!

There is a common thing between a customer and the Businessmen, both needs to be connected with each other without killing their time. Both wants to reach each other instantly. If you really want to make the path of your customers shorter to reach you, then Missed Call Alert is the shortest way to let them travel.

Missed call alert is a cloud based telephony media to enhance the base of your business.But What are the aspects of this service. Before using any service, it should be very clear that how we can use it and which part of your business can be filled and benefited from this service. Here are the

5 aspects of Missed call alert service.

1. Connection

Either you are a beginner or a mastered businessman, to maintain your business your subscribers are important but to enhance your business, apart from your existing subscriber you have to be focused for your connection with new customers. For this, one have to look for some new technical and easy choice to provide their customer to get connected with you. Here are some of the ways to get connected very easily with your customers.

  1. Lead Generation
  2. User Registration
  3. Alert Subscription
  4. Delivery of Coupons
  5. Information Seeking

2. Subscription

Making and increasing the subscribers is the basic step to grow your business. The total numbers of mobile phone subscribers have reached 975.78 million as of May 2015. Just giving a missed call and the viewer is now your subscriber, what could be better than that? Hard to believe but engagement levels witnessed an almost 10 times increase with missed call services. Some of the option that you can provide your customer to subscribe through Missed call alert.

  1. Call to subscribe
  2. Subscription verification call 
  3. Query Call
5 Aspects Of Missed Call Alert

3. Verification

Verification is a very important part to get your quality customers in any online or offline business.

It will help you in sorting out your quality visitors. It is very difficult for the company to verify their customers, for this you have to put Missed call Alert to verify, at the neck of your verification system. Here are some of the Missed call verification option provided to swipe out the sewage from your business.

  1. Mobile verification Process
  2. Website subscription verification
  3. Cash On Delivery verification
  4. Mobile verification for E-Commerce

4. Voting

Creating surveys is the best way to know what are the gaps present in your business. If you are conducting any  election or any survey then you have to create a media where your customers can response and no customer would like to go online and follow all the formalities just to vote for you of for filling any survey. Missed call alert for election can become a good and easiest replacement for present Techniques. By providing these techniques one can feel relaxed even helping you in your election.

  1. Live Event Survey
  2. Live Voting Surveys
  3. Customer Survey
  4. Opinion Voting

5. Feedback

For running any successful business one should be aware of what their customers feel about them. To fill the gaps we should  identify the gaps first. Allowing your customer to give you feedback is the best way to show that their demands are our ideas. You can use Missed call alert for the feedback from your customer by various ways. Some of them are

  1. Rating Feedback
  2. Feedback Report
  3. Customer Support rating

So, going online, reading services, following the formalities are getting old steps now. No one want to kill even his single second and being a customer what could be better than that that you just have to unlock your phone and dial a number. Make the path of your customers as easy as possible. Missed call service is the easiest and shortest path to give your customer and not letting your leads slip.

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