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missed call alert provider india

The advanced features of the missed call alert services will help you to set-up a good and useful platform for your business call handling ways. You can maintain a secure real-time database by using the cloud-based tool. The service providers of the cloud-based service offer an unlimited number of miss calls, which make it the more revolutionary tool for your business. You can increase your leads up to 70% with this advancement service. You can use missed-call alert for voting, your customer feedbacks and call back process and can lead in your industry with some of these amazing advanced tools of business promotion.

Description: Missed call alert is a widely used web-based application put into service to generate the fastest leads for the businesses. The service will add the value to your process of promoting your business services and products as well. The missed-call alert is used in the opt-in process, verification, polling, voting, customer feedback, lead generation & call back services.

It is the fastest medium to know the customer’s needs and their views about your businesses. The service will engage the audience with your business and give you the delight of the customers which works as a long-term favor for your business branding.

In missed call alert service, callers don’t need to pay anything to give a ring on your business number. There is no limit of the usage of missed-calls in a day, you can use it as per your each day requirement. You can increase the percentage of leads up to 70% with the usage of advanced missed call alert service features. You are able to manage every call of your business and will never miss any query or call if you are using the cloud-based missed call alert service.

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 How missed-call alert works?

The process of using missed-call service is very easy and favorable for all type of businesses. At most, you have to follow few steps for connecting your business with this advanced promotion service to generate the leads.

The steps of starting the business promotion using missed-call service are:

  • Connect with the service provider of the cloud-based service and choose the 10-digit number which will be your brand number.
  • After owning a number, now you are able to use your number for promotion purposes.

 How does the number work?

  • Your customers will give you a missed-call on your number.
  • The upcoming number of the user will automatically add to your database which works on the real-time interface.
  • An auto-generated message will be delivered on the number of the user to thank you or welcome them as per your preference.
  • Now, according to the requirement, you can utilize your database of the users to generate leads.

The usage of the missed call alert service is different and depends on the purpose of where you want to use it. Let’s have a look at the missed-call service usage in detail to clarify your doubts about its utilization:

1. Call back Services: In call back services the user’s call disconnected after one ring, and you’ll get a real-time update of the received call on your dashboard. And the number of the caller will automatically be saved in your database. Then, you can revert to your customer, to help them for resolving their issues regarding your services and can make them assure that your customer support team will always there to assist them.

2. Verification process: In the process of any online submissimissed call service for businesson in which mobile verification required, missed call alert service is the best way to verify the user’s mobile numbers. Give them a 10-digit business number and instruct them to verify their number in a single buzz.

3. Polling & Voting: Nowadays there are lots of reality shows on TV to entertain the audience, and they use the missed-call service for voting purpose. This is the easiest way to know the audience wants and their favorite contestants.

Political parties use the missed call number service in their election campaigns and polling campaign to know the voters’ support. The supporters only have to give a missed call on a 10-digit number of the election candidate, which is provided by the cloud telephony service providers.

4. Customer feedback: Every business wants to know their customer feedback to upgrade their services according to the customer’s need. And this service will help them to know their feedbacks and their expectations from your services. You only need to hold the attention of the advanced way you are using to know their reviews.

5. Lead generation: You can easily engage your customers with the missed call service for lead generation because as they know, they are not paying for the call, they talked with you about their doubts very clearly and can communicate with you anytime. We all are very friendly with the missed-calls, so it’s quite easy for the businesses to start a conversation with the customers and can convert a cold missed-call into a lead for your business.

Hope, now you have understood the usage and the way you can occupy your place in the market with some amazing advanced cloud-based tools like missed call alert service.

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 Missed call alert service- Features

It is the smoother way to connect with the customers and the advanced features will help you to make it more flexible and manageable with your other business promotion activities.

Advanced features of the service are:

1. The Unlimited number of missed calls in a day: In the package of missed call services, you will get the unlimited number of calls in a day, which means you can use the service without any bound of the numbers and can easily generate the number of leads within a day.
missed call alert service feature

2. Data visibility of the all-time usage: On the advanced featured dashboard of the service, you can check your real-time or past data anytime for analyzing it for your future prospects utilization. The panel of the service is web-based so that you can use it from anywhere and anytime to get the updates.

3. Custom API: The customizable API means you can make your panel fully customized and can analyze the data which exactly you needed for your lead generation odds.

4. Real-time database updating: The database of the missed call alert service works on the real-time interface which means you will get the ongoing updated instantly and the user’s information also feed into your database securely for connecting with the customer again for their help.

5. Webhook: Webhook feature of the service will help you to fetch the informative data of the users to make your database stronger and you can use it for lead generation.

6. Email, IVR and SMS Service integration: You can integrate your missed call service with the other business promotion cloud-based services to make your promotion campaign more flexible and can generate more leads with the perfect strategy of the business advancement.

These advanced features make the missed call alert service a value-added tool for lead generation.

Where to Use:

  • Missed call alert service for lead generation: You can increase your leads with this service advancement features.
  • User Registration and mobile number verification: You can verify your user’s mobile numbers and their registration in a single ring.
  • In TV shows & TV ads: In reality shows on TV, you can use it for contestant’s voting and in TV ads for promoting your business.
  • Opinion polls & customer feedback: You can run polls for customers opinion and their feedbacks about your business.
  • Branding & Awareness: You can be aware of your business services and products to the audience using an attractive promoting process.
  • Alert, follow-ups & Subscriptions: You can use the missed call service for giving an alert to your customers, to their follow-ups notification and to provide them with an opportunity of subscription.

Where can Promote Missed Call Number:

  • You can promote your number on your business website and running the online ads on search engines and their partner sites.
  • Use your missed call number on your professional social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc.
  • Place you missed call number in your SMS and Email campaigns as a call-to-action button.
  • Use the traditional methods of marketing like TV & Radio ads, print media, banners and hoardings for your business branding.


Missed call alert service is a cost-effective way to advertising your business service and products. It helps you to attract the audience and makes smooth communication for knowing your business more and for giving you the considerable leads. The service will improve your company’s reputation in the market and makeup entitled to compete with your competitors.

Missed Call Alert Service

The service will reduce your human efforts so that you can concentrate on other business promotion activities and can make improvement in your services and products. You can easily maintain your records of the customers on a secure database and can use it for future prospects.

Use the missed call service and make your work process more advanced and technology driven. Connect with us now!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2015 and has been updated for relevancy and accuracy.

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