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Grab Your Subscribers With Just A Ring

The rule of Business is very simple: More customers means more profit. But only having customers is not enough for your business. The all you need is to make your business more happening by converting your customers into your all time subscribers. There is a little difference between customers and subscribers.

Customer is a person who avail your goods or services more likely as one time purchase, but  a subscriber means something more. Here purchasing is replaced by recurring purchases. So, It’s better to have subscribers than to have customers.

So, you can expand your business more by having good number of subscribers.But it’s always good to make new subscribers, so that you can spread your business. If your subscriber are helping you that much in growing your business, then why not you make the path of your customers to become subscribers a more easy, a more pleasant and the best of it, a more shortest path to reach you.

There are a lot of technologies to grab your subscribers to you, through email, through SMS and what not and no doubt these could be very good track for your subscribers. But don’t forget that your subscribers  are as busy as you are, even they want to save their precious time and you can provide your subscriber  the very shortest path that is “just a ring.”

Believe me your customers would love to become  your subscriber if the distance between you and your customer is just a ring. Missed call service is the shortest path between you and your subscribers.

How it will work??

The procedure of Missed call service is as easy as doing a missed call. You just have to provide your number to your customers and your customer are supposed to call on that number. With one ring, the call will be disconnected itself and the number of your customer will be saved in your database, and from that very moment your customer will become your all time subscriber.

Missed call for query

What after, if they became your subscriber, it’s obvious that they want to know more about you. Just allow them to know you better. A missed call will let you know that your customer wanted to contact you. For queries they just have to dial the number, after one ring call will be disconnected and the number of your customer will be saved in your database. One of your executive will call the customer back to solve the queries.

But, you must be thinking that there are a lot of options for you to do all these then why Missed call service. Here the answer to your question that why Missed call service for your business.

1. The most affordable service

No doubt, using Missed call service would save a lot of investment of your business, because all it needs is to issue a number and maintaining one database. Running a business includes much more important works than why to waste your investment and time. Missed call service will save your time as well as your money.

2. Improves Customer Experience

The most important pillar of your business is your customer, improving your experience will improve your business eventually. It acts as the shortest path between you and your customer. What could be better than that for becoming your favorite brand’s subscriber, you just have to make a ring.

3. Save your Resources.

As already said by me earlier that business is all about saving investment and resources. Missed call service doesn’t require any human interaction. You need people for you business, but for important parts, right? It can save your resources and investment gradually.

4. Rapid service ever

There would nothing wrong in saying that Missed call the rapid service, Your customer need not to fill the boring long forums just to avail your offers. What they have to do is just a ring and your Customer is know your Subscriber.

So, there are definitely a lot of services available but there is a slight difference between a marketer and a smart marketer. Be a smart marketer and save your money and resources and that too by giving an excellent customer experience. Missed call service is quick, effective, reliable and simple and I believe these are the things which we expect from Technology.

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