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  • Is it possible to host more than 1 domain on single hosting space?

    Yes, this is very much possible to manage multiple websites or run multiple websites on a single hosting panel. For this one may required a package serving the need and you may do this by creating an add-on domain.

    Add-on domain refers to the option where more than one domain may run on a single hosting space and this is not possible by basic hosting plan which allow to run only a single website.

    Add-on domain helps to run multiple websites sharing same bandwidth and same disk space, which can be controlled from a single location, and the outsider cannot find out the background architecture.

    Now, no need to buy new hosting space and spend extra money to run another website.

    Next comes the point as to how to manage the system and do the configuration. For this one may easily contact the vendor and ask for initial guidance and then you are free to use your package.

  • What if my .com extension is not available?

    Although one may have big concerns if the .com extension of finalized name is not available as .com is a commercial domain, which is one of the main domains, used by almost everyone.

    But depending on the business nature one may use some other tld too apart from .com

    This is a business where some groups register the domain which are either very attractive or those which was earlier used and famed but for some reasons cannot be renewed. These domains are then sold at price higher than usual. The concern behind this fact is that it is not necessary to buy a costly domain if not affordable, other ways can be thought over.

    a. Choose some other name

    Whenever a name is thought over, we have multiple choices and hence you may drop your #1 idea and shift to another one. This may not be satisfactory but may be helpful.

    b. Register the .co TLD

    Another option can be to choose the .co domain name instead of .com as there is a difference of letter “m” only. This is a good option and visitors frequently read it as .com only.

    c. Domain hacks

    Hack refers to using a full domain name to spell as a word or phrase like,,, etc.

    This is a popular method these days to find an attractive name, which can be easily remembered.

    d. Choose another TLD serving your business nature

    You may choose .in, .org etc. TLD’s for your domain name but make sure no website is running on .com TLD of same domain.

  • What is domain status code?

    In the whois lookup one may find the option of status according to which one may decide the working status of the domain. The status will decide why your domain is not working.

    Some of the common status code are as mentioned below


    The domains are mainly on this state only and can be used to run website, create email ids and any other process possible.


    This refers that the registrar has put the domain on hold and domain cannot be used for any work.


    The central registry has put the domain on hold and hence domain is not accessible.


    Registrar locked the domain and settings cannot be changed.


    The central registry locked the domain and now settings cannot be changed.


    The domain is expired and now the central registry is waiting for 30 days before releasing the domain.


    The expired domain is restored to “ACTIVE” status.


    The registry is about to delete the expired domain.


    Registrar has locked the domain and cannot be deleted.


    Registry has locked the domain and cannot be deleted.


    Domain on hold by registrar so cannot be used.


    Domain on hold by registry so cannot be used.


    Domain locked by registrar and cannot be renewed.


    Domain locked by registry and cannot be renewed.


    Domain transfer locked by registrar.


    Domain transfer locked by registry.


    Domain locked by registrar to prevent any kind of changes in settings.


    Domain locked by registry to prevent any kind of changes in settings.


    Name servers of domain either not added or there is some issue with name servers, so that domain cannot be used.


    Active domain, can be used to host the website, create email ids or register name servers.


    The domain is about to be deleted by central registry.


    The domain is in process to be transferred from one registrar to another and no changes possible meanwhile.


    The registry is in progress to make the domain records.domain-name-life-cycle

    Domain life-cycle explanation

  • Date Event Status
    1/1/2015 Domain registered ACTIVE
    1/4/2015 Domain can be transferred if desired ACTIVE
    1/11/2015 Domain renewal notification sending process starts ACTIVE
    1/1/2016 Domain expired but not deleted yet by the registrar and can be restored without extra cost REGISTRAR_HOLD
    9/2/2016 After 40 days, domain is deleted by most registrars but can be restored at high cost ACREDEMPTION PERIODTIVE
    10/3/2016 After 30 days, domain cannot be restored and registry will soon drop the domain to be booked again PENDING_DELETE
    15/3/2016 After another 5 days domain is dropped from central registry NONE

    The most effective way to keep your domain active for long is to maintain alarm to remind yourself about the renewal date. Another process can be to renew the domain for a longer period if you are economically able.

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