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Nobody likes being on hold. And it is one of the reasons why customers would like to switch to other brands. A negative experience like excessive wait times frustrates the customer, affects the team’s productivity, and hurts the business. That’s why your business needs a call queue management system.

A system of an advanced cloud-based call center that offers features like callbacks, customizable queue messages, intelligent routing, and more.

It will improve customer experience and reduce long wait times while ensuring the customers are less stressed. Deploying the right system is not difficult – all your business requirements are necessary information like it should meet operational needs along with customers and employees. 

Explore more in the blog below.

Call Queue Management System in Contact Center

If you’re unfamiliar, a call queue management system is software that routes the call based on the rules specified. It involves determining how to route incoming calls; thus, improving the call flow and reducing long wait times.

You can boost customer satisfaction and retention with call queue management. The less the callers wait, the higher satisfaction is. And there’s a limit to waiting. According to studies, a majority (to be exact – two-thirds) of people say their maximum threshold is two minutes.

Meanwhile, 13% of people say that they are not willing to wait on hold at all. We know call queue management systems can help manage incoming calls, but what are the reasons for long call queues? Some are:

  • Peak seasons
  • Not enough agents
  • Outdated technology
  • Long call handling time
  • Emergency (like outbreaks, lockdowns, internet shutdowns, etc.)

What Can Call Queue Management Teach Your Business?

You can help your business in many different aspects with the support of the system, like integrating it with IVR to encourage self-service, voice assistant, voicemail, and more. Cloud-based call center tools and features are to help your caller stay connected and get the best solution. What more you can explore with the call queue system of the call center is written down below:

Learning About Priorities

You can lose 15 customers with one bad customer experience. One dissatisfied customer will share their bad experience with 15 or more individuals, affecting your future clients. Moreover, 89% of clients will not think twice before moving to business elsewhere. So, maintain a high -level of client satisfaction for the continued success of your business.

Improving First Call Resolution Rates

High first-call resolution (FCR) rates mean your business has a high business customer satisfaction rate. And every call center must aim to provide a feasible and effective solution to the client’s complaint on the first call if possible. Enable your business to handle increased call volumes with a call queue management system, and practices and provide superior customer care.

Reduce Call Abandonment 

Customers will likely hang up if they have to wait for an extended time on a call. Inadequate call queuing software will increase customer unhappiness and call abandonment rates. To improve call abandonment rate, understand its consequences and solution. Your business can utilize voicemail and callback feature-it allows customers to leave their messages and agent to call back at the appropriate time.

Advantages of the System for Business

Centralized Controls with High Security

The queue management system of a cloud-based call center offers centralized control with high security. You will have the flexibility to the management as every communication tool will be there. The cloud solution also eliminates the risk of misplacing data stored. You can have multiple queue management systems.

Better Customer Engagement

Connect with your customers and give them a reason to trust the system. Customers’ boredom and frustration are often driven by perception. If you are aware of your customers with an estimated wait time, they tend to have more patience, keeping them engaged. At the end of the call, you are giving your customers the joy of satisfaction.

Easy Configuration

The queue management system of the cloud contact center allows your business to easily deliver the customer experience you want and your customers crave. You get customizable call flows, system history, reports, etc. You don’t need any technical expertise, making it easy for you.

Equal Distribution of Calls

It properly organizes the calls in the queue and helps agents stay organized. You can ultimately work to reduce the churn rate. You can specify the call flow based on your skills and customer. If an agent is busy, the call will be immediately transferred to the next agent. Hence, ensuring equal and appropriate call distribution.

Use Sarv’s Contact Center to Enhance Call Queuing Experience

We are in a fast-paced world! Every demand, trend, and behavior changes instantly. Your business needs an advanced and well-prepared call center solution that enhances the call queuing experience. The significant improvements in the customer experience begin with the right call queue timing and management.

Sarv has cloud contact center solutions and a call queue management system to improve call center management, shorten queue times, and lower costs to make your call center more profitable.

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