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Championship Of SMS Marketing Vs Email Marketing

SMS Marketing Vs Email marketing, one of the most debated marketing techniques topics.  In my opinion, nowadays though, it’s unfair for a brand to communicate with their customers just through one single channel, which converts the whole SMS vs Email irrelevant.

So, you must be thinking about how you will determine which marketing channel could help you properly to communicate with their customers o? It’s actually quite simple. Go through the stats, and check out the numbers created by Message Systems, from a survey which they with Google held for 500 consumers in the United States and many other websites which calculated the statistics of SMS Marketing and Email Marketing.

#1. The average retail open rate for email marketing is only 22.54% (, where the average open rate for SMS marketing is 99% (

#2. Second, is that email marketing only has a 2.95% click-through rate for retailers. The average retail SMS marketing click-through rate is 36% (

#3. 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes (

4. 91%  of adults have their mobile phones within arms reach 24/7 ( While 84%of all email traffic remains in spam(

5. There are 6 billion mobile phones in this world (The International Telecommunication Union)and 3.6 email account in this world (

6. 76% of consumers own a smartphone while 73% of consumers use a laptop (Nielsen).

7. 19% of people will click the URL sent in an SMS while 4.2 % of people click on the URL sent on an email (

8. Over 150 billion texts were sent in the UK in 2011 (Ofcom), where there is a whopping 144.8 billion emails sent every day (

9.  SMS produces an engagement rate 6-8% times higher than emails (

10. SMS Marketing Coupons are 10X more likely to be redeemed and shared than mail and newspaper coupons (

And The Winner Is….

No doubt email usage is still higher than SMS, but maybe you are delivering a large number of emails but make sure that these emails are getting opened as your work out for emails have a high probability to result as spam. Smartphones have provided marketing companies the power to reach people on both the channels indirectly through their pockets.

It’s not like from now you have to dump your email marketing strategies and have to work up for SMS Marketing. Both are important If SMS is most personal Emails are more businessy, both have their own taste. But if you really want a super-duper marketing hike I’ll suggest you not to forget any of them. If you are concerned about your emails it’s time now to tie up lace for SMS Marketing as well!

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