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Blog-CC-BusinessCommunication is a need of business. Communication is the base of customer service. It stimulates whether you will have a high customer satisfaction or not. It directs whether you will be able to maintain a customer retention rate or not. It implies whether your business will grow or not. A positive service experience (positive communication) drives consumers to make the next purchase. And there’s nothing better than cloud communication for your business.

According to the reports of Dimensional Research, around 52% of consumers say they have made an additional purchase from a company after a positive service experience.

Cloud holds the capability to transform commercial communications, allowing businesses of all sizes to access high-quality communications. Small enterprises use cloud communications to replace conventional phone lines in their offices.

According to SBEC & TechnoMetrica, 2020 report, 84% of small business owners believe cloud services are significant to their operations and overall performance.

Other reasons define why cloud communication is becoming popular and successful while saving time and money for the business. Explore them here:-

Enables Remote Working

Nothing is impossible with the cloud. It can effectively collaborate with the company even though the employees are not present physically. Cloud promotes companies to maintain strong communication with people/companies across time zones or geographical locations. 

Employees can work from anywhere and at any time. It means high efficiency with better-quality work. Cloud fosters a happier and more effective workforce that creates less expensive office settings. No need to purchase fixtures like desks, chairs, and office supplies. 

Now, companies can connect and hire well-qualified applicants from different locations. Cloud communication makes everything easier and simpler.

Compatible with Any Device

Your employees have more freedom through the cloud communication system. They can access the solution from any device connected to the internet. It removes location constraints (already highlighted above). There’s no need for a specific device to collaborate on projects. Cloud can make you quickly join and collaborate within a business’s network. It ensures flexibility, especially considering the recent events of the global pandemic.

Cloud communication eradicates significant areas of concern for companies. It helps them navigate any issues since the data flow is in real-time.

No Boundaries & Limitations

Cloud is directly related to scalability. Cloud communication is possible through an ever-connected internet system that reduces hardware downtimes. Contact centers are highly utilizing cloud communication for customer service.

Around 67% of people worldwide think that customer service is improving and the cloud is playing a pivotal part.

Now, companies are less dependent on the equipment required for communication. The solution allows administrators to include multiple connections. Take contact centers, for example – the cloud enables a seamless option to scale through the use of virtual numbers. It helps businesses handle multiple calls at ease ( & at the same time).

Better Security

Cybersecurity is of paramount importance for every business (working online) globally. Companies must secure consumer data amid the growing concerns of cybercriminals, malware, and cyberattacks.

Cloud network depends on various security protocols to avoid issues like phishing, fraud, call interceptions, spoofing, etc. It consists of encrypted servers and network security, making it a safer option for communication. Security layers like two-factor authentication and digital identification are adding a layer of convenience.

Cloud is safe from intruders because of firewalls and antivirus services. Cloud means data backup and recovery are possible anytime. Moreover, your business has the freedom to determine its own security settings, measures, and limitations.

Develops Trust & Reliability

Prompt response attracts customers and improves the overall customer experience. It further supports lead conversions and upsells. Cloud communication system builds customer trust and loyalty. It enhances your service quality and calls center availability via the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

You should know service downtimes create an immense impact on businesses. The longer the downtime is, the grander the loss a company sustains in revenue and reputation. According to consumers, excellent customer service impacts their level of trust in a company. Cloud services allow businesses to mitigate issues and increase reliability.

Streamlines Workflow

Cloud communication improves transparency and increases the visibility of operations. Entire data is right in front of you and at your fingertips (mobile applications). It empowers a team to upskill themselves and reduce stress levels. Cloud enables remote working, which companies utilize to outsource less and less. Employees spend a shorter time in the office and commuting, reducing loss of time and money.


Cloud communication is a high-quality technique that aims to enhance customer and business relationships. It allows businesses across the globe to develop a point of contact with customers over the internet. From simple data storage medium to providing infrastructure, cloud communication is leveraging technology, helping individuals and organizations to grow. Moreover, it offers ease of use, convenience, flexibility, mobility, security, affordability, and many more benefits in the cloud telephony process. In the age of digitization, your business needs to be omnipresent.

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