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Cloud Telephony Services in India

Somewhere in your lifetime, you might have heard that moving to the cloud can benefit you in no time.

If your answer is “Yes” then surely you are on the right track.

Recently I have been researching and writing a lot about cloud telephony and one thing I can say for sure is that cloud telephony solutions provider can take your business to another level in no time. So now make your business look bigger and more established.

To put it in simple words cloud telephony is a technology of replacing business telephone with cloud-based telephony.

1) Deployment of IT team: One of the biggest advantages of cloud-hosted VoIP is that you don’t require a high professional IT team to manage your phone lines neither you need to have an on-site infrastructure. From hosting to maintenance your cloud telephony provider will take care of everything. And this automated system also brings you transparency. So now keep an eagle eye on all your business activities and track all your calls.

2) Portable: Internet is the main infrastructure of cloud telephony solutions. As long as you have internet you can run your business and work from anywhere. Thus you also get the flexibility to hire a team in different locations. Easily change the user setting for voice messages and browse your call activity from anywhere. Cloud VoIP providers also offer mobile apps, hence you also get an option to access the system from your smartphone or tablets.

3) Cost efficient: With hosted VoIP Solution you can cut on your operational cost as it’s far cheaper than the traditional phone system. No headache of installing hardware. On the other hand, hosted VoIP allows you to pay as you go. Moreover, this will also help you to keep a track of your budget. Not to mention, the lack of physical hardware will save on your costs and up-gradation cost as it’s hosted on the cloud.

4) Scalable: I think as your business grows so your call rates also increase. Cloud-hosted Telephony is highly scalable. It can be easily scalable according to your business size. It can seamlessly accommodate with the huge traffic of calls. All you have to do is direct the number and add some extension with just a few clicks. It allows you to operate in one straightforward communication channel without any hassle.

5) Big Image: Your business naturally looks bigger than actual with the automated system. Cloud hosted solutions makes your business look more professional with a personalized greeting, call management support etc. Boost your company image with this simple marketing tool.Cloud telephony proves to be best for SMEs and startup as with cloud telephony your business reflect the MNC image. It enables the business to deliver faster outputs. Employees get more time to do value-added work.

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So, go ahead and get cloud telephony today for your business to leverage best out of this technology.

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