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A Complete Guide of IVR Number

If you want your company to be successful, customer service always plays a critical role. An excellent customer experience can encourage retention and give your organization a competitive edge.

We all know the first impression is the last, so meeting customer expectations is a must.

Interactive voice response (IVR) can be the first thing your customer encounters. Then it is not surprising that companies are ready to improve the efficiency of IVR in another world.

Let’s start from scratch and explore how an IVR system can help your business, regardless of industry.

What is an IVR Number?

An IVR number means a tool that facilitates business communication through self-service technology. This allows callers to navigate your company’s telephone system and contact the human operator who best fits their queries.

The automatic IVR device directs the caller to the correct department, depending on how they are entered via the device keypad. In addition, the IVR system can also respond to customer FAQs with pre-recorded messages.

IVR Features

Incoming Call: This feature automatically manages all incoming calls to an IVR-enabled number. A caller has to select an option in the IVR menu that a system asks for, and it will direct them to the appropriate agent or department. The caller can leave a voicemail if the agent is not available to resolve these requests.

Outgoing Call: The outgoing call feature allows the system to call specific phone numbers automatically. This connects the call to the direct agent when the caller selects the same menu option.

Custom Voice Message: The company can use the custom voice message feature to greet callers when dialing a company number. You can create the greeting in different languages as per the caller’s choice. What’s more, you can use the text-to-speech feature that comes with IVR if you don’t want to save the message yourself.

Automatic Call Forwarding: Incoming calls can be routed to the most appropriate agent or department, reducing customer frustration, enabling faster call resolution, and enhancing efficiency while saving agent time.

Call Negotiation and Whispering: Managers can assist agents in customer communication by speaking or whispering during an active call. This helps to improve the quality of communication between agents and customers by reducing the potential for conflict.

Direct Call Tracking: Another feature that empowers call center managers is the direct call tracking dashboard. This allows them to monitor individual representatives and assess their activity with details of active, pending, and historical calls.

Advantages of IVR

IVR offers numerous benefits from the perspective of both customers and agents, so it is a worthwhile investment for any organization. Here are some things you should know.

Professional Brand Image: A well-designed IVR enhances your brand image by making your business accessible and accessible whenever a customer connects. Incoming calls are forwarded to the right agent quickly and accurately without time or location restrictions.

Enhanced Caller Experience: A personalized voice message in the customer’s language helps make their journey even better. In addition, it is more influential if they can turn directly to the agent or department who is best able to resolve their issues immediately. Communication is uninterrupted because callers are not forced to make or talk to different people.

Better Handling of Large Call Volumes: It becomes difficult for call center agents to handle multiple calls at once during peak hours. The IVR number allows the team to participate in several calls at once. In addition, it provides missed call information that agents can use to track customers and resolve their issues.

Increased Agent Productivity: The IVR can also maximize agent productivity. It enables them to do more with less. Agents have a lot of time and space to invest in valuable customer interactions to facilitate greater satisfaction and retention in the long run.

Reduced Call Center Operating Costs: Because callers can handle most of their inquiries with self-service IVRs, your business can significantly reduce call center operating costs. Fewer people are needed to take calls, and agents can focus on significant calls, but there is no compromise with the customer experience at any stage of the communication.

Industries and IVR Use Cases

IVR-enabled numbers are everywhere for customer-facing businesses in a variety of domains. Here are some industries where they are widely used in conjunction with domain-specific use cases.

Banking and Finance: Checking account balances, transferring funds, paying bills, finding branch offices, loan tracking, insurance claims, and customer support.

Real Estate: connections with real estate agents, research on loans, sales and invoicing, customer support, and other contract services.

Telecommunications: inquiries about new products and services, billing inquiries, customer complaints, plan updates, technical support, and various sales issues.

Hospitality: Reservations and cancellations, reception inquiries, information and room service, housekeeping, sales, delivery follow-up, complaints, and support.

Healthcare: appointments and cancellations, online consultations, billing, diagnostics, patient inquiries, inquiry notification.

Education: information, student services, support services, payment of fees and accounting, tutorials, admissions, exam requests.

Retail and E-commerce: billing and barter, delivery issues, returns and refunds, customer service, and support.


An IVR system is a simple offering with many benefits, so no organization should miss out on it. Integrating it into a business communications program can enhance your brand image and make the calling experience a new level.

It is best to work with an IVR solution provider that offers reliable, full-featured, and budget-friendly solutions. Sarv has a name you can trust because it has provided state-of-the-art IVR solutions to organizations of all sizes and scales in different domains.

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