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No one can deny that collecting and analyzing customer feedback is no joke when it comes to improving your product service. However, feedback is only important to you and not to your customers. Customers are using your product or services out of their own goals. They do not feel responsible for not giving feedback to you once they start using your product or service. This feeling of customers makes it hard to obtain feedback from them.

Sometimes these clients fill the survey or feedback form just to get rid of the inconvenience these measures cause. Customers are also busy people, just like we all are. And many won’t spend their time telling you about the flaws of your product.

Another reason that stops customers from giving feedback is that they don’t want to be fully honest with the brand. Being totally honest sometimes feels uncomfortable.

So how should we get feedback from our customers without causing inconvenience for them? Well, there is an effective way to follow to get your things done. So if you follow the list we have compiled for you, you might get what you want from your customers.

A Follow-Up Email:

Email is one of the common methods to approach your customers. You can automate this follow-up email to be sent when you have delivered a service or product to the customer.

You might have already experienced that when you have shopped online or went to a new store.

With people like us, you can automate this process of sending follow-up emails. So basically, you won’t miss a chance to send follow-up emails, which will increase your chances of getting feedback.

SMS, if not Emails:

Technically, SMS has a higher opening rate than emails. So, if you are not comfortable going ahead with emails, you can still choose SMS for the same. In the time when people are just finger touch always from their phone, SMS still holds its place firmly. For potential leads and existing customers, SMS is a great way of communication.

Integrate Survey Form in Your WiFi:

If you are a cafe, bar, restaurant, or hotel, you may be providing wifi service to your customers. So we all know that free WiFi attracts more customers, but you know it can help you get feedback too.

You can allow customers to use WiFi once they enter their email addresses as Login credentials. This captured email can be used for sending feedback forms. Or use a survey page as a gateway to use the WiFi. Exploiting your free WiFi to get feedback can give a fair value to your business and brand.

Paper Feedback Are Never Old School:

Well, some brands are still using this old-fashioned way to get the feedback they want. What do you need? Simple, a pen, a paper with feedback questionnaires. It may look like a cost-effective and simple way to use, but it has its own downsides.

One is the hidden cost of stationary. You need to spend on pen and printing, and junior staff to enter all these data into the system. Practice like this will approximately sum up to $500 per year. We can say it is a big hammer on SMEs’ annual budget.

Live Chats Are Indirect Feedback:

Have you ever tried to explore your live chats? Well, if you have not, then you better start soon. Live chats are one of the easiest mediums to get your customers’ feedback. They connect with your agents whenever they have any problem. The problem can be of any kind. Whether the product or service is not working as it should have, or they are unable to use some feature or else. 

So when they explain their problems with your agent, it works like a genuine review of your product and service. Make a list of all these and sort the issues that are causing customers trouble.

Not only that, but customers’ might leave you some positive notes in the chat too. Use them to keep your spirit and product up in the market.

Recording Sales Calls Works Too:

Just like your live chat transcripts, sales calls can do the same wonder for you. A customer might be on the call with you to tell you about their experience but in an indirect way. All you gotta do is hear their call carefully. A cloud call center can help you with saving all the recordings over the cloud and access them anytime and anywhere you want.

These are the ways you can get the feedback you want from your customers. See, you never knew that getting feedback is this easy. So, next time try one of these and try to get what you want.

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