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In shared hosting service one server is shared between many users. One server hosts multiple websites which use the same resources like processor, RAM, disk space & bandwidth.

So in this hosting service, each user has limit on particular services. This hosting service is best option for personal & small business websites. This is a most economical way of hosting a website because cost of server is shared by many users.

Features of Shared Hosting

  • Control panel systems like Cpanel, Plesk are used in shared hosting so that you can install plug-ins & manage email accounts.

  • You can add, edit & modify content on your website whenever you want.

  • This hosting allows carrying out lot of customization to your website.

Choose Web Hosting Service Providers


Below mentioned are some important points to keep in mind while choosing hosting provider.

Company Knowledge

You should make sure that your service provider has good track record in market. Web host has sufficient experience in this field & company should provide services according to your needs.

Disk Space

Disk space is required according to the resources utilized by the website i.e. file & database stored on your website. Disk space depends on nature of your website. Simple websites with text required less disk space & websites with images & videos required more disk space. You should check & clear about the space offered by the service provider & the charges to be paid.


Bandwidth is very important for your website. You should make sure that your service provider is offering appropriate bandwidth according to your website’s needs. You require more bandwidth if there is lots of traffic on your website. You should beware of unlimited bandwidth offers.

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Control Panel

To control your account you need control panel. Control panel is used to set up content management system (CMS), manage email accounts, add domain names, view statistics, manage FTP users, manage database & other programs that are useful for your website like set up Spam filtering, set-up SSH login configure & install scripts languages.

Most popular control panels are Cpanel , Plesk panel, website panel & direct admin panel.

Technical Support

Service provider is required when any kind of technical issues arise. In shared hosting, you may face problems because of shared space. Technical support plays an important role in this situation. Your service provider should provide full support with 24*7 as per your convenience via phone or email.

So while choosing service provider you must carefully look at support service of the company.

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Advantages of Shared Hosting

  • Low Price & affordable plans

  • Good web host provides reliable solution for websites

  • You don’t need to perform technical maintenance on the server

  • Multiple domains hosting on same account

  • With user friendly control panel, it is easy to upload site & create email accounts

  • Easy to manage

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

  • In this hosting, multiple websites host on same server. So you have limited resources disk space, RAM, bandwidth & processor.

  • You are sharing same server with other users. So performance of other websites can affect your website.

  • Low security level

  • In shared hosting, some of the web host might not be allowed to set file permission under your web hosting account which means that some scripts and programs won’t be able to run within your shared hosting plan.

If you are new in the world of web hosting & you don’t have much knowledge about this service then shared hosting plan is perfect for you. This hosting is good for small & medium size businesses or websites. In this hosting plan you can host small websites & can effectively managed the service.

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