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In our previous article, we discussed about web hosting basics. To host your website & make it available on-line, you need a web host or hosting provider company. There are thousands of web hosting companies in market. So how does a business owner decide if a web host is right for his business?

This article will give you answer for some questions like “how to know if a web host is right?” “How to protect your website or business from wrong web host?”

how to choose right web host for business

1. Determine Your Hosting Need

  • To choose the right web host, you must know your website need.
  • Look at your website. What your website do? Is it personal website? Is it Blog site? Is it a business website?
  • Now you need to make sure which type of hosting service is good for your website. We‘ve discussed different types of hosting in previous post.
  • While choosing a web host, always keep the future in mind and plan accordingly.
  • So choose the best company which can provide relevant hosting service, applications & software for your website.

2. Cost or Price

  • Price is the first thing most of us will look when choosing a hosting provider.
  • Look for a hosting provider which provides reasonable pricing. You must avoid free hosting programs.
  • Make sure that there is no hidden cost.
  • Pay attention to the refund policy of web host. Will you get money back if you are not satisfied with service? Read your contract very carefully.
  • Choose the plan which best suits your need.

3. Website Speed

  • Website speed is main concern for every website owner.
  • Google penalize websites & give low reputation that are slow in loading speed.
  • Now a days competition is very high, so no one can afford to get penalized & bad user experience.
  • Your web hosting company must take care of this and for this you must make sure the best plan suiting your needs so the website open with least latency time.
  • Before you choose a company, you need to consider – the location of data centers of hosting company.
  • All in all you need a brief technical study before deciding to buy the resources from vendors.

4. Compare Features

  • Before purchase a web hosting service, always perform some comparisons between web hosting companies.
  • Compare plans & features of some hosting companies.
  • Pay attention to uptime guarantee. Many host guarantee 99.9% uptime or more.
  • This comparison would help you to save more money & Find those that fits your needs.

5. Storage and bandwidth Allowances

  • Be aware of the storage space you get from your web hosting provider.
  • If your website is content heavy which contains lots of videos, images, web pages etc, you will require more storage space.
  • Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred at a given moment to a server. To handle large amount of traffic, your website need higher bandwidth.
  • Make sure that hosting provider offers you sufficient bandwidth.

6. Customer Review

  • Customer reviews of company is an excellent resource in evaluating web hosts.
  • You must search for current or old customers reviews on the company’s service.
  • You can also check on-line reputation of company.

7. Customer Support

  • Customer support is one of the most important factor while choosing a web host.
  • Customer support is the place where you ask for help about their services and issues on their platform.
  • Every business owner want a trusted customer support behind hosting service to handle down-time & technical issues.
  • Look for companies that provide 24/7 phone support, email support and online chat.
  • You must test these support mediums by sending e-mail during your free time.

10 Quick Tips

1. Check comparisons of web hosting services & web hosts. There are many websites which provide these type of comparison.

2. Check out the company history & Always consider old companies in this industry.

3. Look at pricing. Make sure there is no hidden charges.

4. What is uptime guarantee & refund policy of company?

5. Check domain age of company(WHOIS) & avoid new companies.

6. Don’t trust unlimited offers.

7. Always check customer reviews.

8. There is no such thing like “Unlimited”. Never believe unlimited storage & bandwidth.

9. Test the customer support.

10. Read carefully your contract & Terms of Service (ToS).

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