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Emails Or Social Media What You prefer- What should you Prefer

Can you sum up your daily activities? If you’re a normal marketer like other marketers, you must have noticed that most of your time are spent over Social Media for making Social Media ads, commenting on the post and creating a brand image of your company over Social media, Right?

That’s really great that you’re adding luster to your social media.

Now take a step back and think once for time spent for your Email Marketing and strategies of growing your email list, creating good mail content, analytics for your email open rates.

After this small session of thinking if you find yourself to be more engaged in Social Media and somehow avoiding the Email Marketing. So, this can be proved a harsh break down for your business.

But this can’t be said as your mistake because with growing followers of social media, it’s too hard to decide where we have to land.

Facebook with 1 billion active users and Twitter with 255 million users, it’s not fair to blame you to divert your mind towards Social media. But the statistic is the reason which will cause atrophy for your business. Then I have some numbers and statics to guide you.

The Total number of email accounts over the whole world was 3.9 Billion in 2013 and assumed to be 4.9 billion in 2017.

“So, we can say that even if Facebook and Twitter accounts are combined yet you will find 3X more email accounts.”

Marketing is not only about how many users you have but how many organic reach do you have by your users.

So, if you talk about organic reach then I hope it would good for you to know that the organic reach by which I mean the no. of users who actually check out your posts are 6%. On the other hand, email marketing, in general, has 20- 30 % open rates

“So, we can say that if you are sending some message then it has 5X more chances to be seen in you email rather than on Facebook.”

If we talk about the click through rate of Twitter which is 0.5% and compare it to email open rate which is generally found to be 3%.

“We can conclude that Something on your Email has 6X more chances to get opened rather than Twitter.”

Emails V/S Social Media

What Should I Prefer Now?

If you are now thinking that what you have to do next, completely leave up the social media and start looking ahead for email marketing?

Getting confused between these two strategies is quite normal as Social Media Is popular but Emails are effective, Social Medias are an easy strategy but emails are successful.

So, Emails and Social Media can be said as the same coin of two different faces.

We’re not saying that you have to completely blow off your social media marketing, in fact, Social Media can be the best way to enhance your email marketing,

You can use Social Media to create your brand image and to boost up our email list and this will give you a bang in your email marketing.

We can guide you how to do that, but before going through it, you have to make clear in your mind that Social media is not the only and best marketing strategy.

Email marketing is old but you can yourself make it fancy by your creative ideas.

Go creative with your emails and share with us your unique creative ideas to get success over emails.

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