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The main concern for businesses is – how to retain existing customers and attract new customers? If you are a small business, then you have to opt for a cost-effective way. A toll free number is an effective and affordable tool which help you to attract potential customers.

Communication with customers & prospects is the key for any business to take the lead. this number encourages people to call you and ask their queries. Companies and businesses around the globe have utilized this number for business growth. In this article, we’ll discuss how to give your business an edge with 1800 TollFree Number.

6 Toll Free Number Benefits That Are Hard To Ignore

Most businesses are still confused about the necessity of an 1800 number for their business. Here are some benefits which show you how a tollfree number could improve your business growth and you can’t ignore these.

1. Improve Customer Satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction by being available to take their call. It makes it easy for your customers to reach you when they have any queries. It shows that you care about your customers. Providing personal customer service makes a big difference & generates leads.

1800 Number = You care about your customers

2. Improve Company Image

It will make a professional image for a company that why business owners prefer to get this number. A toll free phone number creates a credible image of your business.

3. Increase in Sales Opportunity

As we mentioned already in this post, toll free number is easy to use. So, customers are more likely to call you and it will increase your sales opportunities. Companies who have 1800 numbers are the ones who acquire larger order placements and more repeat customers.

Many research studies have found that a toll free number can improve sales by 30%.

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4. Portability

Are you planning to relocate your company? Don’t worry, the location doesn’t matter. 1800 toll free numbers can be moved to any location with your business. The number is yours for as long as you want it, even if you change phone service providers.

5. National and International Presence

It will help you to expand the business nationally and internationally. Make sure that you’re accessible to your national customers by providing them with a simple, cost-free way to contact you when they have any queries about your service.

A toll free phone number can allow your local business to advertise to a wider audience throughout the country and expand market reach. Global customers can easily connect to your company or business.

6. Cloud Model

Tollfree service is the cloud telephony service. It is an on-demand service, you have to only pay for what resources you use. This model develops transparency for both customers and service providers.

Get High Returns on Investment With Vanity 1800 Numbers


Vanity numbers are easy to remember and free for the caller, customers are more willing to call and inquire about business services and/or products. If you’re not using an 1800 toll-free number or vanity number, you are missing a huge opportunity. Are you trying to improve business ROI? Of course Yes! Every business is concerned about its ROI and business growth.

Vanity numbers had a 75.4% higher recall rate than regular 1800 no.

Startups and small businesses face many hurdles like customer acquisition, ROI, sales, low capital etc.

Use 1800 vanity numbers for measuring results with specific marketing campaigns to find out how well each campaign is performing.

Use one number to promote a “buy one/get one” promotion and another number to promote a “40% discount” offer. Now you can track where your leads are coming from.

Now you will receive more calls by having an 1800 number, be prepared for answering these calls. It comes with many attractive and advanced features like:

Call forwarding – This feature allows us to forward inbound calls on a mobile or landline number instantly across the world.

Caller ID – The Caller Id feature will help you to identify a caller before answer the call.

On hold music – Choose your favorite music like classical, rock, or electronic to keep the caller on the line.

Call recording – This feature allows recording all the inbound calls that you get. You can manage & delete these recorded calls anytime.

Auto receptionist – The auto-receptionist feature gives professional voice greeting to your callers. replaces the need for a human receptionist or operator.

Your call volume of inbound calls will be increased. To manage these calls you need to set up an IVR to your toll free number.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a smart technology that helps you to handle and manage the calls. It allows interaction between humans and computers via telephone. It will help to get the customer reviews.

IVR provides a menu, a caller may choose any option from the menu for relevant information by pressing digits. For example, Press 1 for sales, Press 2 for support, and Press 3 for an account. And calls are routed to relevant employees or departments. It will save you time.

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Placing a Toll Free Number on All of Your Advertising


A toll free number is a valuable and effective marketing tool. You opt a this for your business, but you’re not done yet. You have to make sure that you use and promote it in the right way. Studies show that people respond 30% more to an advertisement with a toll-free number.

Here are some ways where you can promote your number.

1. Promote toll-free number with Email campaigns

Mention your vanity number in your email marketing campaign. It will work as a call-to-action and your number will be shown a huge number of potential customers.

Consumers have a 57.6% Average Higher Recall Rate of Vanity 800 Numbers over URLs.

2. Promote toll free number with an SMS campaign

Use your 1800 vanity number as a potential keyword in CTA(Call-to-Action) in your SMS campaign. For instance, “Get discount on voice call service. Non DND- 22 & DND- 25 Paisa. Offer valid till 31 August. For more info call @ Toll-Free Number 1800-200-6131.”

Vanity phone numbers were 33% more likely to drive clicks in mobile ads than their generic counterparts. – Study by RingBoost

3. On social media profiles

Social media is an outstanding channel to find new customers and interact with your existing customers and target audience. Run the Facebook ads and use your vanity tollfree number as a call-to-action.

Running a contest or promotion involving your vanity toll-free number is very effective when done through Facebook. It will help to build your brand and get you 1800 number in front of more potential customers.

4. Put your 1800 number on your attractive business cards.

5. Email signature with your number.

6. Use print media and direct mail and try to repeat the Toll Free number at least 3 times.

7. Use TV and radio ads

Display the number for at least 20 seconds and repeat it verbally as well.

8. Use website

Use your toll-free number as a call to action for your business. Place your toll-free number on your website and relevant web pages. It will get leads for you!

9. Most of smartphone users prefer the click-to-call option to connect with a business.

10. Banners and flyers which carry a toll free number.

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Final Words!

It doesn’t matter which kind of business you belong to, every business should use toll free number. As we mentioned in our recent blog post, “It not only ensures the faith and credibility of your business but also sets you up for improved business dealings with clientèle from all over the country.”

If you have any queries about toll free number or cloud telephony, please feel free to share your views in the comment box below!


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    Vanity Toll-Free Numbers: Give your business an edge over your competitors, get a great easy to remember vanity number and stand out from the crowd!
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    Thank you for such a nice info. Toll-free gives my business a boost and allow customer call you free to generate more leads. Its also help in my brand identity. thank you.

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