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Tollfree number

Today, I was looking for business card printers online. I saw few of them and dialed a number, no one response from the other side. Then I dialed another number and after having some words with them placed my order.

After an hour my phone rang, I picked the call.

The conversation between us is like that-

Man- Hello, Who is there? Someone called me from this number about an hour ago.

Me- Sorry I didn’t recognize.

Man-  Sir, I am from business card printers.

Me- Oh.. ohhh. Yes, I called you. I already placed my order somewhere else, thank you for calling.

And we end up the conversation. The man who called me, His business looks great online, the website defines the business very well, but when he called me I didn’t recognize because his number does not look professional.

Are you doing the same mistake with your business?


So, let me tell you a way to make your business a brand with your business number. Try toll-free number service.

The business number like 1800- Business name, you don’t need to introduce your business in front of your customers when you call them.

 If you’re getting a lot of orders over the phone or on a website then a toll-free number is probably necessary,

said Luanne Mayorga, Manager of the Illinois International Trade Center at the College of DuPage in Lisle, III.

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Luanne Mayorga also adds that offering “Live Chat” on your web site will cut down on the number of calls to your toll-free line.

Okay, I am sure you are thinking that how toll-free number beneficial for your business.


Why do You needa Tollfree

I’ll explain here that why using the toll-free number for your business beneficial for you, here in details-

1. Hassle-free Portability when relocating

If you are thinking about relocating your business, you don’t need to change your number; toll-free numbers are portable, you can carry the same number at any location, you wish to relocate. And also you can make your national presence with a single number without facing any issue of location, you can reach anywhere.

You know when you buy a toll-free number it’s yours forever, even you changed your toll-free number service provider, you can keep that number always with you.

2. Recommend magical digits for your business number

As we know toll-free numbers are available in a fixed pattern like 1800-ABCD-XYZ or vanity numbers is like 1800- Company name, this kind of numbers are easy to remember.

If you recommend this number pattern for your business, your customers will remember and recognize your number all the time and connect with you easily.

3. Pricing is Affordable than you expect

The toll-free number service providers in India are offering the prices which perfectly fit in your business investment budget.

Even if you have a small budget, you can buy a perfect toll-free number plan for your business, which means the pricing is affordable than you expect. Also with this number, the service providers provide some extra advanced features of communication as per your business needs.

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4. Smart Branding with vanity numbers

With a vanity number, you can brand your business smartly. Your business number defines your business and engage the customers with your business without any extra promoting efforts.

Vanity toll-free numbers provide you a smart and quick solution for your business branding. The number holds your potential customers, and they remember you for making the purchase second time.

5. Remove Obstacles between your business and customers

Sometimes your customers don’t connect with you on a call, to see a number which looks not so professional.

But, if you have a number which starts with 1800, they’ll connect with you without any second thought. So, this number will help you to remove all the obstacles which affect your customer communication support.

This is all the benefits of using the toll-free number for your business which wow you. There is a crystal clear situation in front of you that how impactful toll-free numbers are, for any businesses.

Now, I am sure you are all set to buy a toll-free number for your business. Right? So, don’t be late, take a smart move now for your business.

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