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With the help of evolving technologies, we are moving towards an area where audiences have become smarter when it comes to shopping. As the smartphone becomes available to everyone, customers expect to call more companies before buying anything. That is because companies need to look for solutions for their business.

After these problems, marketing strategies changed. Advertising plays an important role. However, if your audience or potential customers don’t click on it, all your efforts will be in vain. You need to use a click-to-call service to increase your conversion rates.

This is solved by the CTAs, i.e. the call-to-action buttons. Without them, your business wouldn’t receive subscriptions or subscriptions or increase its revenue with larger audiences.

The goal of companies is to make the calling experience smooth for callers. Calling should also be a smooth experience. It is recommended to make calls from the website an easy and reliable option. Your customer should receive all the resources and support from your business website.

Let us know briefly what is click-to-call?

What is a Click to Call?

Click-to-call is the easiest way to connect with your business in real-time. That is because communication with this service is easier. They must provide their contact number if they wish to call back immediately.

For example, every search your audience gives them a guide to call and talk directly to the business.

Why does your business need a call button to click?

Using pop-ups and automatic callbacks will increase sales leads on your website. In addition, your team communicates with potential customers via a two-way telephone connection.

Innovative technological advances today increase the involvement of customers in organizations. There is a great reason for this. Web customers are increasingly preferring websites that embed click-to-call widgets.

Increase your chances of turning web traffic into sales and get more out of your digital marketing investment. Real-time calls are as effective as phone calls. In that case, you can turn more visitors into customers by earning a return on investment for your advertising campaigns.

Make future contact easier for customers by avoiding the headache of remembering your phone number. Customers can always contact you directly when you visit your website, instead of searching for us or visiting your website and then calling you.

Click-to-call service features

Integration with call tracking and IVR responses

Call tracking systems can provide dynamic phone numbers related to search keywords or ad sources. With click-to-call, agents can receive customer calls and receive alerts about why the customer called.

For example, suppose a customer searches on the keyword ‘Marketing Automation’ and clicks on an ad from a Google marketing automation company. The ad can be directed to a specific landing page with a phone number. Using the customer’s dynamic number, the agent identifies exactly which ad the customer clicked when they called the company for more information.

Call forwarding and recording

Integrating this feature with CRM and other APPS helps the call center administrator. Because of this business owners monitor the efficiency and quality of all business calls, even if they are managed by an external contractor.

  • Using the platform, you can access call recording data
  • Divert calls to the agent’s mobile phone for information on the go
  • Call tracking lets you know where new leads are coming from
  • By masking calls, customers can call the CEO of your app without disclosing their number

Benefits of click-to-call services:

The click-to-call solution increases the resolution of the first contact

First Contact Resolution (FCR) is an important measure of customer satisfaction and efficiency. In terms of agent efficiency, it is clear that resolving queries with a single call/contact would be more efficient. In addition, many connections are very frustrating for customers, because it increases caller satisfaction. Your customers will stop calling you if you resolve their issues! Reducing the volume of incoming calls frees up additional resources.

Call rejection rate

Due to long waiting times, calls drop, resulting in repeat calls, low-resolution rates, and ultimately dissatisfied customers. With this feature, you give customers the opportunity to choose the right time and place for their calls, reducing the role of your agents.

Higher customer retention

This means that customers never have to spend time waiting in line for callbacks. This increases customer retention.

Click-to-call service is an important technological feature that you can get help from.

Cloud companies, such as Sarv, offer click-to-call services as we have advanced features like call tracking, recording, and more. With these features, you can improve the details and services of your customers.


Customers usually notice how their speech experience with the company went. If you give them relevant answers, offer solutions, and simply answer their queries, they’re more likely to buy your business. You should give your customers an easy way to contact them. The click-to-call feature is one of the channels that will help them connect with you without any problems.


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