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The work from home edition has completed a year following the pandemic (the life-threatening Coronavirus), which is expected to extend another year. Initially, Corona was only known as a drink to enjoy, however now it is known as a ‘virus’ that has disrupted the world economies. During the pandemic, not everyone got the opportunity to work from home. Many lost their businesses, many lost their jobs, and more importantly, many lost their loved ones.

Fortunately, numerous people have the opportunity to work from home, which struggled to gain traction before COVID-19. However, working from home has its perks and downsides both, which enables and disables work efficiency. But, how companies have benefited from work from home for the past year.

What changed during the work from home edition in organizations worldwide?

Flexibility is the main part of what we offer customers, and it’s a core value that we apply to turn our internal employee experience,” says Zach Ragland, head of people at Feather

After realizing the situation, big tech companies like Facebook and Google were the first to send their employees home and extend their remote working until the next year. Following the announcement, Twitter and Square declared that employees could work from home “forever.”

In the beginning, Coronavirus tangled the daily and work-life of people but nearly six months later – organizations started making efforts. They made ad hoc schedule adjustments, free lunch deliveries, sustained benefits, and more to motivate employees.

How was work efficiency impacted during the work from home edition?

As per the survey of 451 last year, an affiliate of S&P Global, the pandemic has uplifted remote working, an alternative to working from the office. About 11% of the surveyed employees felt more productive while working from home. These people are notably those who hold more working from home experience and are tech-savvy.

An additional 35% of the surveyed employees revealed that they felt more productive but not captivated. Most of the time, they were not focused and not in alignment with the team. Also, around 55% of employees said they were less productive compared to work from the office. As per experts and inconclusive findings, not all employees can be productive working from home.

How to enhance work efficiency from home? What factors to follow?

With the continuous decline in COVID-19 cases, economies around the world are returning to a new normal. The new normal is an amalgamation of work from office and home, also called hybrid models for remote work. Many executives also expressed in surveys that this model for some employees is ‘here to stay.’

If organizations are still operating from home, then these simple tips can help them gain work efficiency. Work efficiency is not the sole responsibility of an employee but also of the employer. So, an employee can follow these simple steps.

Dress for your office:-

Dress to impress, even if you are at home. Instead of beginning your office in pajamas, prepare as you are going to the office.

Decide a workplace:-

Home is surrounded by people, so choose a place where you don’t have to move frequently or are affected by movement. A static spot with all your essentialities will help to avoid any kind of de-focusing elements.

High internet bandwidth:-

Poor internet connection will not only piss an employer but will also decrease productivity. The job will bring more than financial stability, like learning every day. Choose a good internet for your focus and learning.


Back-up actually will be your saviour in all situations. While working from home, keep your phone charged, secure a power bank for your mobile, regularly check your laptop battery. A power outage will dissolve your focus and productivity in seconds.

Be persistent with work & life both:-

Balance is your answer on a day-to-day basis. Complete your work during office hours, don’t take your office to personal life. Keep time for yourself, eat and sleep at the required time. Don’t exaggerate with the pressure of work and balancing plan out your day for best results.

That’s a wrap!

What best can the employer do to improve employee productivity? The employer can set clear expectations for teams, especially for customer-based service organizations. These organizations need a solution that serves best to employees and customers alike.

For better management, go for software like cloud-based call centers and connect companies like Sarv. They can help you for better employee management leading to increased productivity. This is all for increasing productivity in the work from home edition.

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