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how to choose right domain name

This is one of the first steps to be followed while setting up a new business of any type. A name is necessary for every business for a proper recognition and it is necessary for the name to be unique. So, here comes the need of a domain name.

Thinking of a person a parent always tries to name its child beautifully which is modern, ritual, easy to call and of course must be meaningful.

Similar is the requirement in a business too where the owner is like a parent and business is a child. Nourish the child first and then the child will nourish you.

Now, the main trouble is to choose a good name and in the process you need to follow the steps as mentioned in this article.

  • Easy to type

Lengthy and complex spelled domain name is not good. This type of name may develop trouble to remember and type the domain name and hence people may not reach you even if your services are best. Choose a name, which can be easily remembered, and types by the visitors.

  • Short and meaningful

Keep the domain name as small as possible. This will serve the need of easy remembrance than the lengthy domains.

But make sure to select a name which bear some meaning in it and the meaning must reflect your business nature.

  • Choose keyword/s describing your business

Do not use keyword “fruity” for your business of clothes. Let the keywords explain your working and direct the audience to the products you provide.

  • Choose a name so people may search with your local business name

If you own a shop in your locality and the shop is famous then choose the same name for your domain. People will of course search for your local name and hence your online presence will be made successful without any additional efforts.

We may understand it like this: Say you own a jewelry shop with a name Sarv Jewels and now you want to make your online presence too. So, choosing a name like will be a big mistake. Choose the name and you will rock.

  • Avoid using numbers, punctuations

For example you choose a name waytosms but those who want to visit your website through verbal reference may also search you using way2sms

Here you will suffer. So, it’s better to avoid use of numbers or punctuations in your domain. If it is necessary for you to use the numbers and punctuations then its better to register all possible combinations and redirect them to the main website.

  • Catchy and memorable name

Make your domain attractive, easy to remember and with an eye catching effect. This will require some research. Once you are done making a list of good domain names then rotate it among your company management, friends, family and let them rate the domain which is the most appealing and bear some sense in it.

  • Make it unique

Select a domain name that does not appear similar to any other running domain. This will avoid confusion and make your domain unique.

  • Use a proper TLD

TLD can be defined as the suffix used at the end of the domain name like .com, .net etc.

There are a lot of TLD6 present meant for different geographical area, work nature etc. So, choose the one that suits your work best.

.COM: Commercial

Most popular one basically made fore the non-profit organizations but is used by almost every business including profit, non-profit, educational, individuals.

.ORG: Organization

.NET: Network

.GOV: Government agencies

.IN: India

.biz: Business

.INFO: Information

So, better know your business and choose the tld which best defines your business.

  • Buy all possible combinations of your domain (even the misspelled ones)

Say you want to register a domain fastfive then you should better register all possible combinations including the misspellings like fast5 or fastfaive etc.

  • Book the domain for longest possible validity

Domain is a long-term investment and it will present your business till your business exists. So, choose the longest possible validity for your business and choose a vendor, which keeps you updated about the domain expiry. You may choose the vendors like godaddy, resellerclub, and sarv.

  • Make a quick decision to avoid confusion among a long list

Create a list of selected domain name and circulate among your friends, family, management to find the best one and finalize the same. No need to keep discussing about the domain for many days, as this will only increases the confusion.

  • Register the TLDs including .in,, .co etc.

Along with .com you may register .in, .biz as your work nature demands. Booking multiple tlds will avoid the trouble of someone else grabbing same domain name with a different tld. This may harm your business by distracting the traffic. So be intelligent while making the decision.

  • Let the TLD match your business nature

    • .ORG: Organization

    • .NET: Network

    • .GOV: Government agencies

    • .IN: India

    • .biz: Business

    • .INFO: Information

  • Register the long and short form both.

If your business name is long and it make a acronym then book the long a short forms both and redirect both on a single website. This will help you not lose the traffic.

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