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We always talk about businesses, promotion or marketing of business services & products. But we are human being & apart from business, we have a social life. So, today i give my blog a personal touch, and we’ll discuss about “How voice broadcasting service can help you at wedding time?” Yes, you heard right “WEDDING”! Voice broadcasting can be a great way to send invitations at wedding time. If you wonder how, read this post.

voice broadcasting service for wedding

1. Send Wedding Invitation

There are lots of tension while wedding & have to manage many things. People carry very busy schedule at wedding occasion. Sending wedding invitations to relatives & friends, is more time consuming & responsible job. But there are always some relatives left whom you are not able to reach.

Many of your friends & relatives live abroad or far away from your city. In this situation, Voice message can become very helpful in sending invitation. You can deliver your message to multiple people through a single click.

You just need to record your personalized invitation message, upload contact list of your friends & relatives & send your voice message.

2. Alerts/Reminders

People get your wedding invitation message but there is a possibility that they forget about wedding date & time or venue. So, you can also send them an alert or reminder about wedding date & venue.

You can also schedule your message & it will deliver your reminder at the specified time and date. Voice message is the easiest & fastest way to connect with guests.

3. Send details of wedding function

You can send complete detail of wedding function. If you are changing time, venue at last moment or there is any dress code for wedding; It is very tough task to convey message to the guests. But voice message can solve your problem & you can send message to every guest without any hassle. Your message can also be used as entry pass.

4. Thank you message

After the wedding, you can send a thank you message to your guests for giving their valuable time for being attendee. You can greet loved ones for the gifts you have received.

5. Wedding planning

Job of wedding planner is very tough. Wedding planner can also use voice broadcasting service to promote their services. You can also share the details of marriage with the guests like, venue, their hotel name, room number, route to reach, programs, dress codes, music etc.

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