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Planning or running any show or event, is a very tough task. This needs promotion to reach thousands of people. For this, you should opt an automated solution- voice broadcasting. It is a great solution to send bulk voice messages to thousands of people in a short time. Voice broadcasting offers many benefits to industries, including IT, entertainment, social events, elections parties, etc. So, it is a cost-effective, easier & faster way to send your message to a large amount of audience.

You must execute a voice broadcasting service in your event promotion. You just have to record your voice message, upload your contact list & your voice message campaign will be reached by each person in your contact list. You can also use hosted ivr to get their response & know their interest like “Press 1 if you want to register yourself”.

Event Promotion

- Send notification to inform people about your show or event

- Send a voice message to promote your event

- Use Hosted IVR service to know people interest & serve them better

voice broadcasting for event promotion

Track Voice Campaign

Voice broadcasting allows you to track & monitor your voice campaign. You can also track real-time campaigns. You should send more than one campaign & monitor which campaign drive you the most calls, discard campaigns that are not effective. It will maximize your marketing efforts. Hence, you can save a huge amount of time and money.

Why voice broadcasting is a better choice for event promotion?

If you still are hesitating to choose voice broadcasting service for event promotion. Take a look at some advantages of this service.

- User-friendly which delivers message instantly & accurately

- Personalize your message & add a personal touch

- Easy to use and simple monitoring

- Good choice to extend audience reach

- Send custom messages to each user

- Better understanding of people interest

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What voice broadcasting offers you?

A voice broadcasting service carries the below-mentioned features which make broadcasting very easy.

- Real-time tracking & monitoring

- User-friendly interface

- Easy to manage & no need to have technical knowledge

- Web-based detailed campaign reports

- Import of contacts in seconds

- Email & SMS notification

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