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What is Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR (Interactive Virtual Receptionist) refers to the interaction of human and computer telephonically. Every call center, big or small, requires a number of employees who could attend the callers.

IVR basically serves this business need of the call center. It acts as an auto attendant who redirects the callers by simply pressing a button.

Time has come when you have to give up traditional methods and need to adopt the latest technology. As a call center, the one major step you must take is to switch to IVR technology.

Switching to IVR can do wonder to your business. This is a way to beat the competition or at least you may not lack behind. It can save you precious time and money of course and you would never ever miss out any lead due to its 24X7 availability. This simply turns out to increase the productivity of the call centers.

Let’s check out its effectiveness one by one:

Your one and only obedient employee

Call centers require a good number of staff members which majorly consists of the attendees. The attendees need to be trained first to be answerable to the caller’s query.

Most of the training he himself gets while attending the callers practically. But then too it might be possible that the person may not completely solve the caller’s query and that could be really annoying.

The best alternative could be IVR. at the initial phase, you need to add the commands as per your customer’s requirement. But once you are done with it then you just have to sit back and relax. Your IVR will never go out of the path without your instruction. Its one-time effort and lifetime relaxation.

This is how it is going to work:

Interactive Voice Response system for your business


Hiring an attendee who could convey the things to the caller appropriately is a tedious task to do. Even if you feel that you succeed but then too there might be possible that callers may face language issue, less clarity and the conversation may even turn into arguments.

And moreover, you can’t keep a check on the quality of attendees every time. At times they may also be lazy to convey the callers and hence they may not be able to satisfy them. This issue doesn’t arise in case of IVR.

As you already know what information will be conveyed to the callers and how it will be carried on. So you don’t need to worry about checking and refining the caller’s experience again and again.

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ProfessionalismImagine someone gives a call to your company and finds a virtual receptionist on the other side. Can you wonder what a brilliant impact it can give for your company?

The caller would find it very professional way to solve his/query. It will make a good image of your company in front of them. Not just the callers, but you yourself would feel great to provide such services.

Also, the interaction will be so appropriate that the callers would like to avail your services as the customer support would be so great.

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SystematicThis is the most beneficial factor if you adopt cloud IVR technology. You can add a set of instructions for the callers in such a way that it will make it easier for them to get through the call. They simply have to follow or answer as per their requirement and get their query solved.

No individual person can ever do this as systematically as a virtual receptionist could do. Even if you hire a good number of smart professionals then too you couldn’t expect them to be as systematic as a cloud IVR system.

This helps to build a good customer relation because it leaves a good impact on their mind.


Imagine your call center business is increasing day by day due to good connections. But this would also mean that you may need more and more attendeesBudget friendly IVR Services as well to support the callers.

You would have to increase your expenses in order to increase the assets. This simply means that you need to invest more money that would contribute to the growth and income from the call center.

So what could be the best alternative to solve this issue and save your money? The answer is moving to IVR technology. Using IVR is way better than the increasing number of attendees as you won’t require to pay any extra amount and your work would be done, that too in a much better way.

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TIME is MONEY!!! This old saying completely implies to all the businesses who want to grow day by day. Every business must be smart enough to find out the best possible ways that could make the best utilization of the time.

Interactive Voice Response systemIn a call center, you may be able to hire attendees but then what is the use them when you can use IVR for the same. Instead of hiring people to attend to your customers you can rather use their time to do other work and fasten up your growth.

Adopting cloud IVR system would save a lot of time. It would encourage you to focus on business growth rather than handling the existing scenario. All because you will have enough time for the same!

No matter how many resources you have but it’s all about how you use them to make it profitable. Saving manpower and utilising it in other ways can do wonder to your business. Think upon it!

Availability 24X7:

Suppose your customer calls up at 11:00 pm late at night and nobody is on the system to attend him/her. Isn’t that annoying? Well definitely Yes! The caller may get even more irritated if he needs to connect to you on an urgent basis and you are unavailable.Interactive Voice Response system

Studies say that 67% of the customers who are up with a query have low patience level and want to get their query solved at that moment itself. So how would handle them?

All you need to do is switch to IVR technology. IVR is workable 24X7 and is always available for your customer irrespective of the time.

This gesture will give a better customer experience. They will never hesitate to call you whenever they need.

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Expansion of Resources not Required:

You can’t deny the fact that to expand the business you need to expand your resources as well. They both go side by side. But due to technology advancement, you can reach out many of your business needs if you utilize the existing ones and take over the new ones smartly.

IVR proves to be the best resource that you could have as it could save a lot of money that you might have wasted in hiring individuals to attend to your customers.

You can save the amount that you would have spent on buying manpower and further utilize that amount to expand other resources. Its one-time investment and long-term benefit.

We conclude that switching to cloud IVR system must be the next step of yours if you are running a call center! It is capable enough to improvise your call center business. Its trendy, reliable, effective and best option available in the market to meet your need!

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