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Know What You Are- A leader Or A Boss-

A leader can be a boss but a boss can never be a leader. Although many people think that the two terms a boss and a leader is the same thing but they are definitely not interchangeable and vastly differs from each other. If you want to know that in which boat do you stand, honestly answer these two questions in Yes and No.

  1. Do you see your team members as a necessary part  that you have to join up with in order to achieve your goals and accomplish your dream? Or,
  2. Do you genuinely enjoy working with your team and rely on the people to meet your goals?

If you have raised your voice for the first question you’re probably more into the term “Boss” and if the second point counted you out then you’re someone who can be termed as a “Leader.”

If you’re really confused about being a leader or a boss then I have few examples which will help you in determining that in which category do you stand.

#Leader Leads Rather Than Rule

No One in this world is a minion, everyone can work well until he/she does not enjoy that work. So, a leader is one who leads and show the path of success rather than ordering people to do a work.

So, if you want to be a successful leader start treating your employer as your co-worker and make them learn that the only boss of your company is your customers and not you.

#Leader Guide Rather Than Commanding

Bosses give orders, all they want from their employees is to listen and to obey. However, leaders always listen to the opinions of their colleagues and regard them as important.

Bosses are like micromanagers and try control every action. Leaders rely on their team that they all together can accomplish great things if they receive the right  direction and support rather than commands and control.

#Leader Motivates Rather Than Terrify

Bosses spread a fear to make people work good but leaders motivate by finding the highest potential in every individual of his team.

One of the best things found in leaders is that they show empathy and celebrates each big or small success with their team.

#Leaders Give Credit Rather Than Expect And Ignore

The tendency of leaders remains to make people learn, teach and appreciate rather than keep on expecting and ignoring employees. The leader always cherishes and give credit to their member and a Boss always set an expectation to their members to complete a piece of work.

One most important quality of Leader is they never become selfish in sharing their knowledge and experience instead they feel free in guiding and nurturing their professionals.

#Leader Maintain an Equality Rather Than Establishing A hierarchy

Anyone who has worked in a team must have faced once in a life that depressing situation when your manager for some important work choose some other colleague just because he/she is his favourite. So, leaders never do that, they maintain an equality between people. Hierarchy is just a word for them to maintain a company but all people are equal for them.


Moving from Boss to leader can’t be that easy, but if you succeed to do so, it would be rewarding for you. For a leader his team work to make a company successful and not to make themselves successful.

So start converting yourself from a boss to a leader and see the difference in your business.

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