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Less Spam With Google Postmaster

It’s time for rejoice for email marketers and to improve your email experience because without much buzz Gmail stepped forward for one more innovation that is very beneficial for Gmail and email marketers as well that is Google Postmaster. With even very much success stories of Google there was still a blank page of it when it comes to how your mail is getting treated or seen in Gmail.

It was never known by the senders that whom they are sending mails are they keeping you in spam or they are really interested in reading your mails. But Google has now come up with its very useful tool by which bulk mail senders can know are they really making sense for their clients or they are considering you as spam, even you can check that weather your emails are being sent securely and even if they are getting sent or not.

How to Set It Up?

Every marketer would feel great to know that weather they are going right way or not. You just have to follow some of the simple steps and you’ll step from the stair of good marketer to smart marketer. It’s actually quite simple you need to just add and verify your authenticated domain by entering your DNS CNAME or DNS TXT. Gmail has declared what is required to start up the Google Postmaster

After passing through the verification you will get access to Six Dashboards provided by Google.

1. Spam Rate Dashboard

This dashboard shows the volume of user-report spam and email delivered to inbox. But going through the spam rate calculation email first have to authenticated by DKIM.

2. Domain & IP Reputation Dashboard

Spam filtering is based on thousands of dashboards and Domain and IP is just two of them. This dashboard just gives a sense that if Gmail spam filter is marking your emails as spam from Domain or IP or not.

3. Feedback Loop Dashboard

This dashboard shows up only for senders who’ve implemented the Gmail spam feedback Loop (FBL). This loop will allow to see the data of FBL by an identifier. It requires a new header called the “Feedback-ID.”

The Sender ID should be unique and senders can also go three more optional identifiers to identify complaint issue easily. This dashboard has two distinct graphs.

a. Average FBL Spam rate Graph

It shows average spam rate for all identifiers flagged by FBL, on a given day over time

b. Identifier Volume Graph

It shows the number of unique identifiers flagged by FBL on a given day over time.

4. Authentication Dashboard

It shows the traffic passed out SPF, DKIM and DMARC of the traffic that has gone through the authentication process.

When you’ll sign up for Postmaster Tools, you have to authenticated your domains with either DKIM or SPF to stop email spoofing. It will also show DMARC results, to block spoofing or phishing domains.

5. Encryption Dashboard

Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption shows emails ain’t read or snooped on it transit, But both the sender and receiver required it to work. It consists of two distinct graphs in the same dashboard.

a. TLS Inbound: Shows percentage of incoming mails of Gmail which passed TLS to the mails received from that domain

b. TLS Outbound: Shows the percentage of Outgoing mails of Gmail which passed TLS to the mails sent from that domain.

6. Delivery Errors Dashboard

Well, this one is quite useful because most senders will find the Delivery Errors dashboard most benefical so to know email was rejected or temporary failed. For example, you can improve yourself if you came to know that you have exceeded the volume threshold by some “volume limit exceeded” warning when you are sending mails from new IP address.

Source – Google Postmaster

Why Google Postmaster

Knowledge is power”

A Google Product Manager Mr. Harsha Somanchi notes on the official Gmail blog, “Gmail is going to provide a spam-free Gmail experience. The Gmail Postmaster Tools help qualified high-volume senders analyze their email, including data on delivery errors, spam reports, and reputation. This way they can diagnose any hiccups, study best practices, and help Gmail route their messages to the right place.”

Maybe it won’t solve your complaint or authentication record but it will make email, a safer and enjoyable experience.

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