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Missing Important Mails--Don'y Forget To Check Spam

When was the last time you checked your spam box? I am asking this because until recently, I hadn’t looked mine from months. Just because I am a Gmail user and as we all know the ultimate services of it in keeping junk out of out of our inbox. I even forgot that there is something like spam exists.

This habit not only continues to Gmail users but applies for Yahoo, Outlook and Hotmail users as well. You know few days ago, I was searching for an email that was really important for me and in my vision, it never arrived. Then suddenly I thought might be that unlucky one caught by Gmail’s filter. And it was there…

However, I was shocked that apart from that mail there were a sack of mail was present as spam and definitely they weren’t. There was a lot of things which when I read My expression was “Oh! I missed that”. There I found a no. of marketing emails, I genuinely wanted those company to contact me and I’d definitely agree in letting those company contact me. And a couple of messages were also there from my readers of blog I write.

Few days back, one of my colleague shared her mailing experience with me, she found some of her golden/important mails into spam, & she was irritated and frustrated (like me). Then I investigated and found that it happened with many of the Gmail users and if you’re a Gmail user then all you have to do to avoid this situation is to create a filter in your Gmail account.

The Major Reason

If you’re the victim who is missing his important mails or the victim whose mails caught up by spam filter before reaching to it’s destination. The major reason for your suffer is, a Commercial Email (marketing email, mailing list, newsletters, etc.) that might be written improperly could let to create a scenario in which mails sent from your organization can be marked as spam/junk. The specific content of a mail is the main reason to get caught into spam folder.

When your emails reach to destination email infrastructure, the destination mail system scan and identify the integrity of the Email. For example, a spam filter will scan the content of your email and will mark your Email with a “spam score”. This spam score is created when various parameters scan and go through your Email where each of the parameters provide different score to your mail. If the email somehow exceeds the maximum threshold, your email will  be thrown to the category of spam. This’ll lead to a situation when  your emails’ll be consistently reach the spam folder.

Different mail servers have different methods defined to filter the spam content but if you’re a Gmail user and completely frustrated seeing your favorite company’s message always into spam then there are some I can suggest you some methods by which you can yourself can decide your spam.

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Method I : Mark Email As Not Spam!

First of all starting from the beginning try to mark the Email which was not supposed to stay in the spam By clicking “Not Spam”  button.

Missing Important Mails? Don’t Forget To Check Spam!!

The Email will be moved to your inbox and Gmail’ll remember your decision. If the situation continues and you again find the email of the same sender into spam just repeat the whole procedure again. Marking as No Spam again and again will teach Gmail that this email is important and it should not be in spam.

Method II : Add Email ID’s to Contact List

This is the easiest and perfect method to get rid of this problem. Adding the sender whose emails are important for you, yet their mails are landing on spam. This will help you to inform Gmail that this sender is important.

1. Click on Gmail logo or Mail logo and select “Contact” option.

Missing Important Mails? Don’t Forget To Check Spam!!

2. Then click on “Add Contact” button and enter desired Email I.D. At last click on “Add” button.

Missing Important Mails? Don’t Forget To Check Spam!!


Now Gmail’ll stop marking the mails from the desired Email I.D as spam.

Method III : Create Filters For Email IDs And Domains

If Gmail is still sending your mails to spam then you need to create filter for Email IDs or Domains.

You can create filter in two ways –

A. Create Filter For A Specific Email.

1. Select an Email click on More -> Filter messages like these option.

Missing Important Mails? Don’t Forget To Check Spam!!

2. It ‘ll then open a drop box in search box containing the email I.D in the “From’ field”. Click on “Create filter with this search” option given at the bottom right corner of the drop box.

Missing Important Mails? Don’t Forget To Check Spam!!

3. Now enable “Never send It to spam” check-box and click on “Create filter” button.

Missing Important Mails? Don’t Forget To Check Spam!!

That’s it and then Gmail’ll never mark the email from that specific sender as spam.

B.Create Filter Manually For An Email I.D Or Whole Domain.

1. Click on the small Drop Arrow present in the Gmail search bar and it’ll open the same drop box.

2Now enter any specific Email I.D or Domain. For example [email protected] in From field and click on “Create filter with this search” option given at the bottom- right of the drop box.

Missing Important Mails? Don’t Forget To Check Spam!!

3. Now enable “Never send it to spam” and click on “Create Filter ” button.

Missing Important Mails? Don’t Forget To Check Spam!!

Now you are done and Gmail’ll never send email from that I.D or Domain to spam folder.

Spam filter is important but sometimes we miss a lot of important stuff just to prevent us from some of the unwanted stuff. So, keep your eyes over spam and protect the stuff which are not supposed to stay there.

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  • Reply Sunday William |

    Hi Pawan,
    I had the experience of finding an important mail sent me by a hosting company in the spam folder also – after making frantic calls to the customer service that I have been waiting for their mails.

    I have set up filter in the past but its now a 95% of having ‘genuine’ mails end up on the junk or spam folder.

    I do scan and empty my spam folder from time to time. This way I ensure that I don’t get to miss important mails on the inbox or the spam box.

    Well, its a good thing you are reminding readers about the importance of setting up email filters — especially for those using Gmail!
    I left the above comment in as well

    • Reply sarvblog |

      Hi Sunday,

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on this post.

      Yes you’re absolutely right that it usually happens that the email we are found of very eagerly sometimes they can be seen in spam, even I have very bad experiences with it.

      Checking spam mails all the time could not possible for all of us. So by doing simple settings in Gmail we can avoid the important senders to get stuck in junk.

  • Reply Karan |

    Hello Pawan,

    I came here via Kingged.

    That’s a handful of methods that can prevent important mails from going to spam folder. Although this has not happened to me yet but who knows when this problem strikes. So, I would like to thank you in advance for letting me know about more methods to white list someone.


    • Reply sarvblog |

      Hi Karan,

      I am very glad that you found this post useful.
      It’s great to know that you have not faced any such problem yet, but believe me it’s really frustrating to see your important mails in the spam folder.

      Thank you so much for passing by and commenting on this post.

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