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Make Your eCommerce Site More Usable

With more and more people spending their time online and prefer to buy products and avail services online, the doors for eCommerce have opened to an unprecedented limit.

The eCommerce websites are pouring in and with this, the hoard of getting oneself better than others, have risen to the highest level.

In an effort to make an eCommerce website reach and impress more customers, the need of today is to make those websites more usable.

Here are a few tips to make your eCommerce website more usable.

Use SSL Certificate

Providing a secure environment for eCommerce website users is the highest priority these days and with the risks of hackers and several frauds increasing with each passing day, the SSL Certificate of best order is the solution. (See Padlock Icon)

The need is to provide a safe environment where the users feel safe and secure towards the payment. For those, who are new to SSL Certificate, SSL Certificate is a protocol which is used to secure and protect transactions. The secure way of a transaction can be anything like financial ones or more clearly between destinations on a network.

GeoTrust SSL Certificate applies encryption measures to all websites’ activity ranging from all financial transactions to form submissions.

Providing Proper Navigation

The proper navigation is required so that the users use the website is an effective and easy manner.

The navigation system should be simple and attractive so as to compel the users and at the same time, furnishing all important information to users as for where will they reach on a website after clicking the concerned link.

Make your Products Stand out

The Products are all important when it comes to an eCommerce website. People come to the websites all because of them. Make your products stand out so that it appears compelling enough to motivate users to buy.

Display them in a proper way and align your products to the perfect. Each product requires an image and that image should be well balanced and should be clear.

Ordering process and options

The ordering process is an important aspect of an eCommerce website. Try to make the ordering process simple and short. The ordering process can be flexible for the comfort of users and enough options should be present at websites, providing users with enough option to pay for the product.

Keep in mind that, there are many users who don’t prefer to register at websites and still want to shop through websites; for those, the option to order a product without registering will serve best.

Search Function

The search function is a boon for many eCommerce websites. Those people who are sure about their search for the concerned products, the search options serve them best.

You can add category refinement and other such filters in the search function so as to make the entire process of selection of products, easy and quick.

Sign up Buttons and Call to Action

To make your website more usable, avoid using lengthy forms for the visitor sign ups. In fact, websites of eCommerce never require fields like addresses, and profession etc. sort of field and thus, avoid using such fields. Make your form short and simple.

An email and a password are all that is required to serve the purpose. The call to action button is really important to build higher conversion rates and build better credibility for websites. Use these Call to action buttons stand out at your website.

This article outlined several aspects to the way your eCommerce website more usable. There are several more points, which can be followed to make your eCommerce website stand out depending on your choice!

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